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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fraud-God, Nithyananda, Foiled Again - Denied Bail

Nithyananda comes up empty handed for yet another attempt to get bail. Instead gets Jail
On Thursday, May 6, 2010, 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda gets sent back to the slammer with Bhaktananda. Bail denied. Cozy. Get used to it, kid.


  1. What is the statute of limitations for detaining somebody without any conviction?

    Meanwhile CID is wringing its hands since its own incompetence is on youtube. They are wondering who leaked the interrogation video.

    Btw, who in their right mind will come and testify and still hope for anonymity?? If someone comes forward to testify their face will be all over youtube and on every scandal mongering News outlet...

    Here is the legal ramifications for the leak...

    The leak is likely to affect the trial of the swami, who has been accused of rape, cheating and other offences. According to a senior advocate, the leak will favour the accused. “The court may take serious view and might pass severe strictures on the investigating officer. It is like pre-judging the case,” he said.

    The leak has also raised serious questions about the integrity and credibility of Karnataka’s equivalent of CBI."

  2. The Indian police and CBI are worse than Nithy. How the hell can they leak his interrogation video, in such a high profile and sensitive case?

    Here Karanataka police are known to be among the worst and most corrupt lazy crooks in India. He may just pay them off and go scot free.

    I think this case would have seen justice if it was tried in the US. I simply don't trust our Indian police and justice system. He will bribe some judges, appeal and get bail, then he will be out doing his swamy business again.

  3. Yes Shockan has a blog about the leak of video. See

    Not sure how the CCTV videl was leaked. Nithy's $$ had something to do for sure.

  4. Re: Dheera - don't see any signs of his bizarrely gleeful writing here. He's Mr. Woopdeedoo himself. Needs mental health help most definitely. But not a criminal. Just extraordinarily dense. He doesn't have a clue what's really going on behind his back, partly because he's so easy to dupe and partly because the people who are deceiving him are that devious. Unless you've been there, it's impossible to imagine the level of brainwashing and how N set everyone up with all his convoluted stuff about kutarka and vitarka. Ever heard of stockholm syndrome, battered women's syndrome, etc? The abuser creates the reality. It's much worse on an ashram, because everyone believes they're there of their own free will. No one even realizes they're being held hostage by the belief system N has created. He used to be masterful at couching garbage in spiritual truths. Over time, it becomes more and more obvious. I'm so fortunate to have escaped.

  5. US justice is no better. Here in Atlanta, another fraud called Dr Commander Selvam Siddhar Swamiji (Annamalai Annamalai) lost his temple to bankruptcy and foreclosure, and stands exposed, but law has not been able to lay its hands on him yet. The shameless man roams free filing all kinds of junk cases against detractors and making a sham of our justice system. Sometimes, the law of the jungle is the best for these bastards.

  6. Indeed. Sometimes I think simply releasing Nithy and letting him walk the streets could just do the trick.
    Crowds can be unforgiving at times.

  7. Only sharia-style justice will do the trick for these types of sex offenders and fraud religious crooks. I often think our modern justice system is sometimes too lenient and notorious criminals are loose for no good reason.

  8. N is realizing the first axiom of Bhagavad Gita in the jail. So far he explained like a parrot, now he is digesting - Never let you ego grow longer than your d!ck.

    The rest are coming - let Ranjitha start fumbling. There's nothing like pro-N, these folks are ones who have invested money into N's business. They will all evaporate once their share is out.

  9. What are they saying here ?
    They love each other sfrom childhood?

  10. @MAY 7, 2010 2:27 PM:

    The Kannada report says Nithy saw a movie of Ranjitha when he was in 10th standard, just in his mid teens, got enamoured by her and wanted her. He also used to carry her photo along with his collection of pictures of monks and saints, says the man who was supposed to have been around him during childhood.

    Then she got married, the marriage failed, and she became fat and depressed. How Ranjitha and Nithy met is a mystery but she started coming to his ashram and meeting him, now as Swami Nithy. This relationship continued for many years, and finally we know what happened.

    To me it sounds a lot like the speculation of tabloids, but there could very well be some grain of truth in it. Our Indian media is famous for inventing "facts" to embellish news reports.

  11. Thank you so much for translation!

  12. Are there still any Ananda Sevaks (full-time volunteers who work long days 7 days a week) in Los Angeles?

    Have they all escaped? Or promoted to be ashramites?

  13. What did he confess there?
    Can somebody elaborate?
    Its the same mumbo-jumbo that has been parroted around for sometime in their blogs and website.
    Times-Now is reckless to release this video.

  14. They are all (ananda sevaks) still there(in Montclair temple). I am not going to put their names here.

  15. It is clear..
    The politician's are looking for a cut of the 32 crores and Mr. Nit-wit is not yielding.
    This whole thing of him threating victims is humbug - don't you think.
    What was the confession in that video?
    Hasn't he being saying the same mumbo-jumbo (BJ in trance - I wish I can go into such a trance) all the time.
    About the money - infact he is actually legitimizing that money - mostly donations - Made in India - sold to dumbstruck NRI's and wannabe hippie white Hindu's
    Ultimately isn't that the truth.

    Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth... blah.. blah.. blah... before you go behind a nit-wit and a scoundrel

  16. Nit-wit looks confident in that video, the very same look that he has in other video's. Is he thinking that he can talk his way through this mess?

  17. Dear blog owner - change your slogan to as below...

    Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth - before you give BJ's to nit-wits and scoundrels. If already giving BJ's come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam and give BJ's to someother nit-wit

  18. @ Anon MAY 8, 2010 7:57 AM

    Well said!

    "..mostly donations - Made in India - sold to dumbstruck NRI's and wannabe hippie white Hindu's
    Ultimately isn't that the truth."

    But this trend will continue as long as there are people who lack self confidence or are going through a bad patch in their life. They are very vulnerable and will easily succumb to
    the words of any holy man.

    Thanks to the nithy episode, people have woken up and i think even if nithy escapes prison, he will never be visited by intellectual and smart NRIs or Americans again.

    The fact is, unless victims come forward and file charges no action can be taken on nithy.

    Nithy has done enough damage to other guru's business too. Recently a popular guru had advertised his teachings(through phamplets) and offered free classes of meditation etc.

    Nithy is also very intelligent and confident because he knows his crime has been only 'tantra' sex and nothing else has been revealed on video. So proving his other crimes is not possible.

    He is underestimating the intelligence of the public and that is going to effect him.

    I had wished that he could have been granted the us visa and got arrested in us, then he will have to sweat it out there.

    The American court and investigations are almost 20 years ahead of us and he could have been nailed hard.

    We indians may not speak about this episode openly but, make no mistake, we will always remember nithy to be a sex starved 'swami'.

    In Tamil Nadu, every house knows about his expose, and we tamils are very unforgiving to people who cheat in the name of god.

    To people who believe that he has got powers can advise nithy to take the James Randi Challenge on paranormal if he wishes to bounce back.

    But those chance are very bleak and we all know why.

  19. One day u will realize that he is innocent!!...and u guys will regret abusing him...he has been clearly framed up by a political party and a TV network associated with that party, who wanted the land next to his bidadi ashram for putting up some tv satellite.. i bet that all charges against him will be dropped...wait n c..

  20. Nithyananda SMS jokes:
    can't help laughing.
    Bangalore by day, bang galore by night
    Discourse by day, intercourse by night
    Divine message by day, divine massage by night
    ....... more at :

  21. Whatever happened to Nithya Monkey's "research" of the tapes that were sent to London? What happened to all the "simpuzhl researrrch we are only"? What happened to all the land records posted on the Interrrrrrnet? I mean, come on people, you intellectualls really believed this hick? He was out to make money and was revelling in the attention, like a village boy who has tasted the sights and sounds of a big city for the first time. You fell for this shmuck? Explains a whole lot about what you do at work? I pity your employers whoever they are.

  22. N is celibating for the first time in jail. What an experience. Is that cell going to be be an holy one? People offering puja an so on? The tamils are very tolerating people, really man.

    There are sharia-type jungle law for bhrast-sannyasi. Where is Duschitananda - i mean Siva Vallabhaveni - the great mother f**ker. Just shoot him on his a$$.

  23. to anon MAY 9, 2010 9:25 AM

    even if the charges are dropped..we have dropped him for what he does in the bedroom with women..get it straight...

  24. @ Joker MAY 9, 2010 9:25 AM

    I have been reading your post and have replied to you many times but @expose does not post my replies as they are very offensive.

    So iam going to hammer you soft with my psycho analysis... you are like a parasite which likes to stick on to other living creatures to survive.

    You are a disgusting person and iam sure you are a total failure in personal life. Even after seeing nithy with a female wearing the holy kavi dress you have the audacity to talk about his innocence?

    The problem of this world is not people like nithy but people like you who are a burden and disgrace to the country you belong to.

    There is no waiting to see that he is innocent as he is NOT. You are already seeing how nithy is being humiliated by the world.

    Any man with shame or at least having some self respect would hang his head in shame. If he has the courage he would accept his mistake and apologise to people for CHEATING them.

    BUT, what he does .. read this

    1.Says the video is fake.
    2.Then he says that he is there but changing dress.
    3.Says he is in trance.
    4.Says he is sick.
    5.Says he is a tantra teacher.
    6.Says it was his devotee ranjitha.
    7.Says he does not recognize the woman.
    8.And now he says that he is not a man at all!


    You should look at your writings, it is absolute lack of conscience, dignity and empathy that makes up your personality.

    Are you the psycho 'celibate' supporter who is paid by kind to post responses not only here but in online newspaper comment sections?

    You should slide back into the cave you came out from, b'cause poisonous snakes like you will not survive in the light of truth.

    I want to read post of intellectual and sensible people here and believe me that gives me gr8 happiness to see that the world is safe, imagine what if you daughter or sister or mother is caught by this spider and destroyed emotionally? How can any sane person accept this man as god? As a savior?

    Freedom of speech is good but there has to be line drawn to limit such pro satanic thoughts.

    I request @expose to stop posting such worthless remarks of this mentally unstable nithy supporter. But post replies if you feel it makes some sense even if it is pro nithy.

    It would be fun, intellectually, to see how any nithy supporter can justify nithy's act.

  25. Dear Blog owner,

    You may start another timeline ticker to see how long it will take Dhyanapeetam website folks to dust their offices to radiate some news on their website, since it’s last updated on : April 26, 2010 10:25 PM IST !!!

    Also, the last sign in to Youtube was a week ago, so it seems they are all waiting for the next big event scheduled to happen soon in Puducherry – where I believe all of us will see the true reaction of the local language folks to prove Nithy’s wrong doings in a very easy straightforward public way as opposed to Karnataka’s elite secretive CID ways … a very disgusting and slow affair….. sure Nithy’s purse is being offloaded slowly… inch by inch !!

  26. Nithy,

    It seems that the CID team is really scared that the jail-ruff men would actually do the potency test on you.... to prove what you are really, so instead packed you off to the women's jail for your own safety !!! What an idea sirjee .... to the person who gave to both you and CID team... finally the Krishna Avatara of yours has ended.... pro Nithy supporters are crying... LOL !!

    Nithyananda as Krishna in ladies jail !!
    Swami Nithyananda’s rather ingenuous attempt to wrong-foot his interrogators by claiming that he is not a ‘man’ and therefore cannot be accused of having sex with women has cut no ice with the police. Instead of subjecting the Swami to a ‘potency’ test as he had wanted, they packed him off to a cell meant for women at the Ramanagaram district jail on Friday after a magistrate remanded him to judicial custody.

    Sharing the cell with him is his follower Nithya Bhaktananda, who was sent to the jail on April 22. The cell is being closely guarded as the Swami is considered a high-risk prisoner.

    The CID’s custody of the Swami, in connection with two FIRs registered against him, came to an end on Friday afternoon after he was produced before the magistrate in Ramanagaram.

    The Swami pleaded with the magistrate to direct the jail authorities to allow him to conduct ‘dhyana’, ‘pooja’ and other rituals in the jail premises. He also wanted ‘sattvik’ food supplied to him from his ashram near Bidadi. The court allowed him these ‘comforts’ by issuing a direction to the jail authorities.

    “We opted for the women’s cell because of its location. Some prisoners in the jail are known to be hostile to the Swami and there is a chance of him being attacked. So we scouted for a safe place within the jail and it happened to be the women’s cell,” a senior jail staffer said.

    Nithyananda has been remanded to judicial custody till May 12, and his bail application will come up for hearing on Monday. Meanwhile, a fast track court in Ramanagaram, which is hearing a case pertaining to the storage of illegal sandalwood in his ashram, granted him bail in the case. There is also a possibility of the Tamil Nadu police taking him into custody, with the permission of the court, in connection with a non-bailable arrest warrant issued by a court in Sriperumbudur.

    Meanwhile, the CID sleuths are expecting Tamil film actress Ranjitha, allegedly shown in the Nithyananda ‘sex tape’, to appear before them and depose. Ranjitha is learned to have conveyed her willingness to do so to the CID sleuths through her mother, sources said.

  27. Hi Nithy,
    Are you dreaming or in trance ? You may fantasize though being in women’s cell…. That’s what you do late in the night….. as your favorite pastime…. And get woken up by the jail folks or ashramites… in the morning as late as 8AM !!!

    So where’s your Dinacharya of parivrajaka or Dhyanapeetam days gone … for a full toss.... you seem to have been hitting sixers post IPL… on your supporters that they are hating to come back to you with donations now…. As all your Raasa leela is out (read squirm)…. You may continue till the 32 crores is paid to your lawyers/mediafolks and politicians with zero dues to the devotees… for whom you have least concern and not thought of even one moment during the trials with CID nor in the court….. absolutely no desire to give any profound statement of truth to them that you were there in the Video with Ranjitha in UNDIES…. DOING WHAT only Ranjitha can radiate and enlighten the court, since she will not speak small lies for nothing as U do !!
    Ramanagaram prisons in-charge Mr Ramaiah said as per court order, Swamy Nithyahanda gets food from his ashram. "He doesn't have breakfast and two boys get him food from the ashram. It's usualy chappati, rice and sambar," he added.
    Swamy Nithyananada wakes up around 8 am, as he studies late into the night. "He spends most of his time either doing dhyana or reading books, Ramaiah said.

  28. Heard that one of the Maharaj was not allowed to get out of the ashram but he somehow managed to get out. Is in total depression and has been sent for treatment

  29. "So iam going to hammer you soft with my psycho analysis..."
    ...Lacking trolling practice? You've chosen the wrong place, you'll hardly get a reply round here.

  30. Putting Nithy & Bhakta in the same cell so that they can conspire on their lying schemes? What a joke?

    if the CID really wants to get to the root of the matter, why not disallowed contact between the two and interrogate them separately? It looks like this is all a charade.

    Are they allowing him to teach tantra meditation in the women's prison too?

  31. So Nithyananda is now a farmer and all of Bidadi ashram is being used of farming!! Apparently, to keep the land and comply with land use requirements, Nithyananda has asked the ashram folks to cultivate some corn!!! LOL!! Check out this article:

  32. Looks like Nithyananda fired his lawyer Chandramouli because he didnt do a good job of getting him out of jail!!

  33. The CID has now allowed victims to file complaints about Nithyananda over phone and fax!! Victims can call (080-22381894 or 080-22942602) or fax (080-22094426) their complaints. Hopefully this will make it a little easier for victims to file a complaint, maybe someone will actually file a complaint against Nithyananda and help seal the case to put him away in jail forever!

  34. Mother F**ker NithyanandaMay 11, 2010 at 9:29 PM

    (the name I used is because Nithy said Ranjitha is like his mom, but he was boinking her, so the name seems appropriate for Nithy)

    Nithy's lawyer Chandramouli probably realized how rotten the Nithy case was once he started digging deeper. He also probably realized Nithy's ego is so big and so delusional that he makes self-contradicting statements every minute and hence there is not much hope to make a convincing defense argument for Nithy in court.

    And hence he has quit. It seems lame to say he has quit because he can't go to multiple courts. That seems like a very lame excuse if he is a famous lawyer indeed.

    Nithy - may be you can declare "Sachit as your independent 3rd party lawyer" and he can represent you.

    One thing that is interesting is there is no news of Nithy's "first disciple" Ayya. I guess the first businessman and investor has fled after realizing there is no more money to be made here?

  35. Nithy,

    So, you are asking your ashramites to do some farming quickly and help retain the land which is a big eyewash for the press and public and in the backend have paid some kokas to Devegowda’s kin staying around there to help you, ofcourse with some nice coverups from Times of India folks relaying in the press about the gram panchayat election supporters praising and giving support to you…. LOL... ---> need some CID investigation on the Times foundation nexus with Dhyanapeetam... big fish !!

    This beats the Bollywood cinema scripts and it sure needs lot of media attention to be broadcasted on all channels that ashramites are being overworked now to cultivate some food for themselves as donations have dried up for sure…. So the desert land in the ashramites is full of deserters(read ashramites crying to get out of the place…. and human right activists are blindfolded with money from your cronies..) who have no other choice inside this well secured ashram jail of yours….

    Where are the IT returns of a global spiritual leader turned farmer…. Getting tax rebates and electrical supply free of cost…. Surely you are missing something… but you will surely gain out there… as new donation requests for natural farming can go to the scarce devotees and some old deserters… instead of the old brand of Anna daanam , which was utter failure…

    Howz that fitting in your global scheme of things… will you replicate farming in your vedic temples in LA/Seattle/Malaysia …. LOL that would mean you need to donate some money to Chancellor of Agriculture University to give you some degree and be on their meritorious rolls…. Don’t fake it atleast show some interest by some seeding inside the ladies jail and then reap some fruits in narural farming there as proof oc concept, but unfortunately it takes 9 months for mother Nature to bless you !!!

    Anyway… good luck and all the best… you do beat the NASDAQ and Sensex forecasts, with your innovative farming ideas at Bidadi ashram !!

  36. Ranjitha was summoned by CID. What happened? Why no more reports on that case? Did she sleep with the police and came out clean? What are the findings of CID with Ranjitha?

    N's lawyer was a civil suit lawyer (more for managing property). He could have not defended him anyway. Some one was barking for Jetmalani to defend N. Why not heir the guy who wrote the non-disclosure-sex form. More better, approach the police, bribe them well, think that it is a donation for guru - and start performing sex with N again. This time in public. The judge is waiting to give the bail, you guys don't understand what they are asking. Ask the leftover ladies in N's ashram to complete the sleeping with all the officers involved, + give them 16 crores of 32. N is out.

  37. Nithy,

    You will have to dig a tunnel to come out of your own self created illusions/egos. What you have sown, so shall you reap… see the karmic effects of your core expertise of de-programming and…... programming... having dug earlier deep into the innocent minds so hard that they are left depressed on realizing your cunningness now, slowly coming out of your dark caves of false devotion and mastery shell of Vitharka and voice against the Master, thanks to dharma .. aka Lenin, it's upside down.. now only Kutharka's looking for you.. !!!

    “To be able to come out of the Ramanagaram jail and avoid being arrested by the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry police, the Swami will have to obtain bail from the Karnataka High Court and anticipatory bail from the courts in Sriperumbudur and Puducherry. All this will have to be managed by his new advocate. "

    Obviously your de-programming and programming technique did not work with the police/CID team and your Lawyer – MR Chandramouli…. Who saw thru your chameleon whims & fancy for contradictory statements… did not get fooled and allowed you to go to hell soon…

    Now what to do… the Delhi based lawyer will squirm more money from you… to atleast have the cases rescheduled in 3 states so that he can travel with you and your chelas… to attend and show some more decency than your old lawyer… and then follow the same repeat.. repeat boring routine…. Next change to another lawyer… this script is not right…. Radiating your half baked truths to anyone… LOL !!

    Stop all this nonsense, enjoy the fruits of your relationship with Ranjitha atleast by saying the truth and coming out clean… No Aiyya, brother, Gnana… Bhakta will come to save you.. they will wait till your buffalo skin is completely scraped out… inch by inch.. so much accumulation in the last 10 years of fraud spiritual mask wearing and beguiling people…. So you need public contempt badly .… it will happen soon if you do not worship the female consciousness in Ranjitha !! Enjoy maadi than lose… all your choice otherwise… Aaaal isn’t well… for you !!

  38. Thanks to Anon @ May 11, 2010 9:29 PM for bringing the focus back on main culprit - Aiyya aka Dhanasekharan

    ‘’ One thing that is interesting is there is no news of Nithy's "first disciple" Ayya. I guess the first businessman and investor has fled after realizing there is no more money to be made here? ‘’
    So, what’s CID doing about NDA signed by Aiyya and his wife, why have they not questioned him so far !!! There’s a nexus here… with a strong message… that Nithy’s cronies are doling huge amounts for CID to not question Aiyya at all, otherwise all the snakes from the Dhyanapeetam - Pandora’s box will be out at one go…..
    It’s high time that US folks throw some light on Aiyya’s wrong doings and foulplay as seen earlier…. especially on his recent aborted trip to US !!
    Also, where’s Sachit and what’s he upto…. alongwith Gnana’s recent change in profile… whatever is true news as of now ? Why are the so called Nithy supporters holed up inside the ashram doing slavery in farming ?

  39. Nithy,
    How dumb can you be…. now caught in the web of lies as explained by you in this article !!! LOL… you sure had some foresight that you will be enacting this leela of untruth to the core…. What a boomerang by existence for your simple misdeeds !! Read it for yourself…

    The Core
    The Truth is at the core of everything in this universe. It is at the core of every rock, tree, bird, and every human being. Yet, it is not easy to live day to day in the Truth. In our daily life, we encounter situations where we wonder if we should be totally truthful. We calculate the consequences of being a little less truthful in order to avoid hurting someone. We dilute our emotions, we change words so that we don't hurt anyone. When we do this, we are compromising the Truth.

    It is hard for us to live continuously in the Truth, speaking the truth, and being connected to the inner core, the core that is nothing but the Truth. It is also hard for others to be truthful with us. Also, it is difficult for us to bear when somebody is truthful in speaking about us. Truth hurts. Mixing a few lies to soften the truth does not make it truth. Truth has no component of lies in it. It cannot have. The moment it is diluted, you can't call it truth anymore.

    We lie so easily because we are used to thinking of ways to cover our tracks. We use lies to conveniently forget the stark Truth. Sometimes we use lies as a crutch to prop up the Truth! How can it work? It will fail. Every time we use a lie, it will multiply our problems because a lie can never sustain the truth. Simply, even the smallest lie will have its consequences. When I say ‘lies', I mean any words that we use to deter from delivering the truth in terms of expressing emotions, facts, narrations, anything.

    When you say ‘ Be blissful ’ did you actually mean ‘ Truth is our core-Bliss ‘ ??? Perhaps that clarity was not given by your so called enlightened mind….. yes.. it cannot be the truth from a common man like you…. Anyways, better luck next time and don’t get caught again like in the current situation… be smart and be simple, without ‘ego’… that’s all you need to understand for now, to be acting differently from this moment… do not waste everybody’s time…. Of the court, media, public and core devotees who do not understand the truth as above !!

  40. A Kaivalya-pada is a person who has detached his/her soul from his/her body. Although N is not even close to being a Kaivalya, he is trying to tell all - his soul did not do sex, his d!<k did it. However, the video suggests, the soul of N rests in his d!<k. So d!<k for N means soul and soul means d!<k. As of not having a d!<k - he means he has a d!<k but that's not his d!<k but its of one who uses it (namely Ranjitha and others). This kind of statement appeared in a novel - The Will of Kamalakant, where in a scene at a court of law, a lawyer is trying to explain the judge saying - A cow doesn't belong to the milkman, it belongs to all those who drink the milk. So by the same logic applied from the reverse direction yields the following result: N is a woman - all feminine organs that Ranjitha is made up of is actually N's organs. So confusing....

  41. Nithya,

    Here is an important msg for you. You will be in jail for some more time, if not for the rest of your life; Ranjitha anni will not be able to meet you now, she is busy in pulling out the long bamboo that you have stuck up in her @$$. Her lawyer and she is pulling it hard out. If she expresses her desire to get laid again, I'll carry condoms for you - don't worry. I understand your pain, my friend. During these hard times you will not have any real enlightenment (orgasm) with your cinema-s1vt. So instead, ask your new lawyer to file a new plea requesting not for asking bail but for asking a place in the jail to radiate your juices all around. Don't radiate anything; just masturbate. Master-baiters (like you) come down to the planet earth to help people masturbate. Your brahmacharya, grihastha, vanaprastha, sannyas is all over. Vedas do not have a 5th way of living. So you better take jail-prastha. You may think spoiling your money to get out of the jail, but that's more big hell for you. People are waiting outside with bamboos, canes, chairs tables to throw on you. Apart from all the court of law, there is something called a public court of law - here there is no lawyer; The rules in these courts all over India is just one - Laththausadhi-mahausadhi, meaning bamboo-beating is the greatest medicine. So be careful. Please understand my argument and do the yoga - Atma-Lingam-Ga(n)depuram.

  42. N,

    You have indeed abused hinduism, primarily because got kicked out of every hindu monastery you went. The reason - your ego. You know it better than we do. To sell hinduism with a huge depreciation was your target, in order to take some sort of childish revenge. You succeeded. However, hinduism or any philosophy is much much bigger than the schools who run them. It is not possible to win this war as a one man army.

    It is sure, you have no understanding of tantra either. You may be a good orator. A spoon dipped into a vessel containing chicken curry will never get the taste of the curry. It is person who eats it, gets the taste. Similarly, the person who has done serious sadhana knows more better what are the do and dont's
    in that line. Tantra sadhana cannot be mastered without having any guru-parampara. Half of it is guru-mukha-gamya.

    It at all you knew these, you would not have called women kali and used them. To know kali or any one like that, kali indicates to drop the ego of the sadhak. She holds a severed head, which is not a head obtained from naravali; A divyachari sadhak imagines that it is his/her own head. Severed because - sadhak like kali must be tama-guna-nirgataa, shuddha-sattvadhikatmikaa virajaa, in order to know her. Understand kali; don't abuse her, she is beyond all senses.


    Nityananda's judicial custody extended.

  44. Farming, eh? If any of you guys had seen the ashram in its earliest years, pre bigtime, you would have seen just how much natural greenery was wiped out and trees chopped down to make space for those ugly cement and asbestos monstrosities.

    Then, to prettify it for all the foreign/NRIs who got hoodwinked into paying $$$$ for a supposed "deluxe enlightenment course with gourmet meals and lots of hot air", they had planted grass and flowers and shrubs on the vastly barren land LOL

  45. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi loyal readers,

    Although we enjoy a good episode of South Park, could we please keep the comments a little more acceptable to a general audience? Think (and write) in terms of Kyle not Carmen. Innuendos are fine. Graphic smut, well, we prefer if it is not here.

    Thank for making this blog a safe (at work and home) read for everyone.

    Jai Maa.

  46. All,

    Vivekananda once said, "Be Loved or Hated but not Ignored". Being ignored is the worst punishment a human can get. What the media and we here are doing is fueling his mission (despite of negative publicity). e.g. How did Paris Hilton become more famous than she was, there are many more examples of ads and other publicity done to have a big bang, since negativity spreads fast and then turn the switch by creating human sympathy and Waallaha - There he goes from a DoG to GoD.

    If possible ignore him it is good for healing oneself too and do everything possible legally to keep him busy and away from people so others can be saved from his manipulative skills.

    I remember him saying I don't need you all, you need me, that's why I am here. It doesn't see that way, him mission and he needs you all (even if it is to hate his mission) So Ignore him and his mission and ask others to Ignore. [Best way to heal oneself too - it is like ignoring the thoughts when in meditation and not giving any kind of energy to it. - By the way the meditations he or his mission taught are no unique or invention - He branded them and charged thousands. Generics work as good and sometimes better with no side-effects and commitments to pay monthly to get special preference].

    I can go on with all kind of stories, lies and marketing gimmicks about him and his mission (so called his mission to loot, hurt and take advantage off). (Ignore him - make him invisible to your mind).

    I want to put an end to it in my life and IGNORE him (Nithyananda) form this movement.

    All the best you all to heal fast and Ignore that cuo cuo. Hope rajasekaran aka nithyananda realizes what he, his ego and crazy head and fixes himself or gets some help (not the kind he was having).

    Enlightenment is free believe me!
    [Ignore the thing or person you hate or love the most and see what happens for yourself]

  47. [Ignore the thing or person you hate or love the most and see what happens for yourself]

    Wise advice there. BTW this is described as a technique in the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra :)

    I know the admin doesn't have a favorable view of OSHO, but whatever, this is solid advice...


    When you see a friend and suddenly feel a joy arising in your heart, concentrate on this joy. Feel it and become it, and meet the friend while being aware and filled with your joy. Let the friend be just on the periphery, and you remain centered in your feeling of happiness.

    Even with negative emotions, do this. When you are angry, do not be centered on the person who has aroused it. Let him be on the periphery. You just become anger. Feel anger in its totality; allow it to happen within. Don't rationalize; don't say that this man has created it. Do not condemn the man. He has just become the situation. And feel grateful towards him that he has helped something which was hidden to come into the open. He has hit you somewhere, and a wound was there hidden. Now you know it, so become the wound.

    With negative or positive, with any emotion, use this, and there will be a great change in you. If the emotion is negative, you will be freed of it by being aware that it is within you. If the emotion is positive, you will become the emotion itself. If it is joy, you will become joy. If it is anger, the anger will dissolve.

  48. Not until Nithy is convicted and his millions returned to those he cheated, there is still work to be done!

  49. @hippie:

    I hope you realize that for some of us, even though we went through greater betrayal than you did, it will not bring peace or contentment or satisfaction in seeing someone prosecuted, or humiliated, nor would we find any satisfaction even in getting money back.

    For us, greater peace is to be had in exactly doing what is said above, using the entire situation as a spiritual practice and focusing on the Self.

    I am NOT advocating sitting and turning the other cheek and doing nothing if you were wronged, but have you read how Ramana Maharshi would respond to questions about the world?

    Even Ramana was dragged to court in a dispute regarding his ashram, and gave his deposition, but his realization was always consistent and unwavering: that the world only appears to be, and you also are only an appearance (I'm paraphrasing). Be established in THAT first, THEN fight! That's what Krishna said too.

    I don't see much of a peaceful or enlightened mindset in the rabid comments here which express outright hatred, or schadenfreude at Nithyananda's current situation.

    Even if human law fails, rest assured that Cosmic law will correct all transgressions.

  50. Om Namah Shivaya,

    It looks like Nithyananda's henchmen (and henchwomen) have become much more polished. Gone is the arrogance, but still is their delusion and true-and-tried methods of co-opting other's ideas with the intent of propping up their jailed master. These deluded and brainwashed souls hope that we will just fold and walk away.

    It is fine if you want to fight and it helps to clear out all of the negativity from being screwed; it is fine if you don't want to fight and cleanse yourself of Nithyananda by shutting yourself off to anything that reminds yourself of him. We a are neutral. Different people will have different ways to heal.

    Just the same, our position remains the same. We will fight until the last remnant of Nithyananda's evil empire and his cult are gone. Nothing should be left. If that means some of the close inner-circle people need to go to prison for a prolonged period of time, so let it be. We'll be sure to attend their sentencing.

    Jai Maa.

  51. Dear Anon @ May 12, 2010 11:32 PM,

    Be established in Dharma (not aka Lenin..) first, then you have a right to say something on this blog. Be loving to yourself and be open and clean to talk about your greater betrayal from N! to CID team so that you are not repressing anything and bottling for future splash !!

    If you have any sense of being in the current moment and radiating the truth …. Go to the CID team and spit/vomit everything out asap… so that you get healed soon.

    All the best…. For your focused thoughts and you are the cosmic law if you believe in yourself… and go for it by acting now appropriately... no good sense, right/wrong etc.. fyi/a.

  52. Nithy,

    It seems that 2 weeks of hibernation on youtube and ashram website is all over with all the ashramites tending back from New age farming to white collared web mining...( to cull out some prosecution brownie points !! )…..Last bow to hard sweat/work at the Bidadi ashram… La La land.. to safeguard from next door friendly neighborhood henchman – Muthappa Rai !!
    He is just waiting for you to come out of CID team’s enquiry to do some REAL public pooja in exchange for your Real estate.... with processions going around all the neighboring villages for you to see first hand all of them(not happened from your end so far ) and realize how much you pained the innocent villagers. Now atleast, you got a peep at the reality surrounding the ashram !!

    As stated in your website- ‘Problems wash away Problems,’ …it is very much right if you are truthful thought.. but you are not !! As we can see in your current situation/case…full of LIES.. LIES…. …… and you also go on to say in your video… “ Swami shakes our very understanding of our problems. Are our problems permanent or impermanent as we think? Are our fears real? “

    Now, what’s the problem/question ??? Both atheists (idiots) and atheists ( super idiots) are dumbos, to get you out of Jail ……, without CID team asking you the fundamental question of your participation in the sleaze video and under what circumstances and about all the NDA's and financial irregualrities submission to ED team … seeking the permission of the High court for bail thru proxy standup mails sent to CM/Governor.. etc won't work/fly... fyi/a… then you are content in life AS there’s no age bar for your current status….. to prolomg for infinity…. as you can see the masses in the Ganges… taking dips. Baths etc..

    So, let us take a dip in the river (Heart..) where everything oozes out of HIS grace for U to cleanse ourself from this media shucks… and come out that you can do something worthwhile in LIFE !!

    May God bless you in your endeavors… from your heart !!

  53. The Nithya followers are planning march-past, hunger strike and so on, calling for influential people to do something desperately. However, here is their msg from Nithya. "Please continue the masturbation. The teachings and techniques of the masturbation and orgasm (enlightenment) that I have taught are authentic. Instead of running that fast, join the olympics, it will help some team to get few medal".

  54. Hi Anon @ May 13, 2010 10:44 AM,

    That’s good news, let’s know the date, time and venue/place these activities are planned. Surely, there will be some participation from the ashram maharajs which will give a chance for the Muthappa rai’s Jaya Karnataka folks to question them in KANNADA about their press statements and WHY they have lied so far about the land deals/agreements and threats to the nearby villagers using Muthappa rai’s name, fyi. Also, all the N! supporters will be given poorna Kumbha welcome and given public puja…. with all kinds of brickbats and rotten eggs/tomatoes.

    Also, the Kannada TV9 channel can be asked to relay live Q&A’s on what Nithy’s has said so far on CAMERA and why are N! slaves from ashram/elsewhere still intellectually licking him for what and betraying the public and Hindu culture…. Then, the human rights commission folks can be asked to question the ashram inmates separately on how they are being ill-treated and transformed overnight (read MORPHED) to become farmers and security guards for the agricultural land instead of chanting mantras… and practicing sadhana as real seekers !!

    Quoting what Anon@ May 9, 2010 7:28 PM has clearly stated :
    “ There is no waiting to see that N! is innocent as N! is NOT. You are already seeing how N! is being humiliated by the world, especially by Kumbha Mela akhada and all religious groups out there and Sri Sri out here in namma Bengaluru.

    Any man with shame or at least having some self respect would hang his head in shame. If he has the courage he would accept his mistake and apologise to people for CHEATING them.
    BUT, what N! does .. read this

    1.Says the video is fake.
    2.Then he says that he is there but changing dress.
    3.Says he is in trance.
    4.Says he is sick.
    5.Says he is a tantra teacher.
    6.Says it was his devotee ranjitha.
    7.Says he does not recognize the woman.
    8.And now he says that he is not a man at all!

    AND ALL THIS ON CAM! It would be fun, intellectually, to see how any N! supporter can justify N!'s act."

    What an idea sirjee… looks like Bhaktha juniors are still in plenty in the ashram to give such foolish ides to clearly freeze Nithy’s eternal jail moments forever !!

  55. Hi Nithy,

    Can you be transparent on YOUR TIMELINES on the Dhyanapeetam website as Brahmarshi Patriji has shown in Pyramid spiritual societies movement website :, so that you can come clean and give new directions to your confused inner groups as well as asylum groups - kept captive in the ashrams globally and depressed... need some fresh enlightenment from you in jail as uploading of new Bin Laden style videos has stopped for good… and worse..?
    There is a lot of transformative energies in the air due to Photon belt and 2012 Ra energies ( acting as of now.... so hope you do change and show some love and concern for humanity atleast from jail.... as your ego is tuss....s....s....s now.... and come with fresh air of recordings, now that you have got new enlightenments from CID/Police teams !!
    Before it's too dark... realize and proactively come forward to be blissful in life... say the right things... now atleast.. !**!

  56. I clearly see the shift in energies of both pro/against Nithy supporters - online and on ground as well.... only time will tell what will be the resultant outcome on Nithy's case... which is nicely put by Dr Newton Kondaveti as below :

    Most of us are aware that our past affects our present. However, strange though it may seem, our future also affects our present! Much has been spoken about in new age literature and by new age spiritual masters about the changes that are affecting the earth at this point of time in its evolution.

    These changes are a result of two aspects of our collective consciousness:

    The first aspect is the sum total of all the thoughts that our collective consciousness has ever thought till this moment. Our thoughts create our reality, and we have been molding our world from our thoughts. As long as the balance of thoughts of our collective consciousness tilted in favor of strife and disharmony, that is exactly what our world experienced. The balance of thoughts has, once again, tilted in favor of peace and harmony thus ushering a new era. This is how our past affects our present.

    The second, not so noticeable aspect is the future that we have already created! Just as child who dreams of an approaching birthday or a lover dreaming of meeting his beloved, both create their future events; whenever we think about the future with clarity and emotional intensity, we create it. As we approach an eagerly anticipated future, we begin to experience a shift in our energies as we align ourselves to the anticipated future. This is the effect of the future. The closer we get to the future the more noticeable is the shift in the energies. This is how our future affects our present.

  57. Have anybody heard of this news from Bidadi...
    Couldn't find a link but it is from Times News Network and an image of the article is in the standup-for-nitwit website.
    The article goes like this.. Don't know how far it is true...
    What has the tainted self-styled godman, Swami Nityananda, got to do with the GP elections? Nothing one would say, until one realized the stark change in the stand of the electorate at several gram panchayats at Bidadi under which the controversial seer’s Dhyanapeetam ashram falls. As polling began on Saturday, a number of villagers arrived at the booths and raised slogans in support of the swami just before voting. Earlier, the same villagers had raised nasty slogans and had torn his cutouts outside the ashram after his sexual misdemeanors were beamed on various television channels.

    “We are least bothered about what he did in Tamil Nadu or elsewhere. But here he has lived like a true seer. We also don’t know what was his association with the actress (Ranjitha) but none of our women here had any complaints against him,’’ said Shekar Gowda, a supporter of candidate contesting Hithamadu gram panchayat.

  58. Hey all you Nithyananda bashers you will all roast and burn in the hells of your own bad karmas for abusing and insulting an enlightened Paramahamsa, you and your family and your children will all get horrible diseases and you will feel the pain like the pricks of a thousand ants feasting on your skin.

    How dare you ordinary mortals abuse our savior of mankind, dont you realize only he can take us into the golden age of enlightenment? 2012 is fast approach, and you are all going to drown in a sea of poison of your own minds.

    He is the adiguru paramacharya incarnation of Shiva himself and is greater than all the lords and masters, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and everyone else put together. You are incurring his wrath and you will be destroyed in the hellfires of your own making.

  59. There. An awful comment in terms of common sense, but what fine vocabulary, what metaphors!

  60. i have to say, i did feel some energy in the la temple during shivaratri.

  61. Hi Anon @ May 15, 2010 1:24 AM ,

    Beware, your future is affecting your present just like your Anger.... which is synonymous to holding hot charcoal and trying to throw at others with an intention to hurt them... you will be the first one to get hurt... my dear.. as already some hormonal/secretive juices has been produced in YOU before you wrote the above comment !!
    May the light dawn on you to see the truth !!

  62. All Nithy Supporters on this blog,

    Don’t cry over here… please go and watch/understand the new discourse put on ashram website : Practice: Conscious or Unconscious, Meditation or Addiction?
    Now, please give your honest feedback after watching the above video, whether Nithy was conscious or Unconscious in the sleaze video with Ranjitha – was he doing meditation or was he addicted to lust ?
    Come on… the ball is in your court ?

  63. Hi all,

    It seems there's no radiating enlightenment from --- > .
    The Last updated: April 26, 2010 10:25 PM IST

    So, there's nobody who cares about Dhyanapeetam’s credibility infront of public to answer some simple questions on the video tape scandal, etc… as Press meet demanded Long…. Long … ago..… it’s getting eroded into the ocean of bliss…. So fast before 2012 !!!

  64. To the annon may 15th 1.24 A.M

    This sounds like Medhananda or some other idiot in USA. You are one of the biggest idiot and should be a scoundrel to recognise another scoundrel like Nithy. You must have been one of the frauds who bilked money from people all over the world. I dont want to repeat even what you wrote, but one thing is clear that you are predicting your future and the future of Nithy very clearly.

    God Bless Nithy and you. In fact I do pray for Nithy some time because I have some compassion left for Nithy unlike Nithy and you.

  65. Anon @ May 15, 2010 1:24 AM

    Your comment nixes the teaching of Christianity, Mayan and Hindu - with emphasis in going against Christianity - as your comment is hate filled. A true Hindu would not want that to happen even to the worst enemy.
    May be you are just a rabble rouser - may be the blog owner himself. The activity in this blog has died down...

  66. "...some hormonal/secretive juices..."
    It gets worse. Not only ellipsis; not only exclamation points; we're biologists, too.
    In fact, that comment which has attracted so much attention, including that of my own, appears too rough a "hook" to be used by the writers in here. A new, long post would do a lot better, unless, of course, there's no news to share.

  67. Now I am all the more convinced loving parents and other understanding adults in the family are the best people to talk to the kids.

    This Nithy thing isn't anything a school psychologist would understand. Therapists have some textbook answers. It takes having gone thru it to have any idea of what it was like to be in a cult like this one.

  68. Nithy....

    Your home state has done a good job with the bank accounts freeze request... so that you and your cronies don't run Badmash companies in US and elsewhere and pump in more money to pay for your court/politicians etc....

    Ab tho bathi bandh hai... kya karega ?

    Nithyananda, Halappa bail plea hearing adjourned
    Bangalore: May 18, DH News Service

    The High Court on Tuesday adjourned the hearing on the bail plea of self-styled godman Nithyananda to May 26 along with that on his petition seeking defreezing of bank accounts.

    In the course of investigation into the sex scandal involving Nithyananda and Tamil actor Ranjitha, the CID has discovered 12 bank accounts, one of which had a deposit of over $ 7million (Rs 32 crore).

    These accounts as well as financial dealingS of the trusts are being probed by the Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax department.

    According to State Police, the Tamil Nadu police, while registering the case, had asked the banks to freeze these accounts to avoid misuse of money.

    Nithyananda, in his petition, has said that the accounts be defreezed as the money is required to run the ashram.

    The godman now in judicial custody has also moved the High Court seeking bail after the lower court rejected his bail application. Justice H S Kempanna adjourned hearing.

    Halappa’s petition

    The hearing on the bail petition of former minister Halappa, facing rape charges has been adjourned to May 20.

    Halappa had moved the bail petition following his arrest in connection with the allegations of rape against him by Chandravathi, wife of his friend Venkatesh Murthy.

    No wonder you escaped the media heat with the IPL scandal.... but existence has tagged you first to Delhi sleaze swami and now to Karnataka minister -Halappa .... all for the wrong reasons !!

  69. First DVD film in Kannada - Kami-Swami

    ‘Mimicry’ Dayanand has completed directing a kannada video film, Kami-Swami, a comic take on the sex scandal involving Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Master Hirannaiah and television artiste Venkatadri, Prakash and Sagar are among the cast. The DVD will hit the market in the next two days.

    It will be on the lines of the audio CDs made popular by Dheerendra Gopal and other artistes a couple of decades ago. Kami-Swami will be the first direct-to-DVD film in Kannada. The film was shot in just over three days. “We worked on the script for the last four weeks. It is updated and there is a line in which the swami’s character says, ‘I had consensual sex with a woman. But there are people who have raped their friend’s wife and are roaming freely outside.’ It is not just about swami bashing. We have included every current issue possible,” says Dayanand who has also written the script.

    “We are not trying to encash the issue. I could have just made this as a programme for a television channel. But we are trying to promote this as the first DVD film in Kannada,” said Dayanand.

    I am sure the day it's released, it will be a big hit !!!

  70. When will California & USA freezes Nithy and Life Bliss accounts here?

  71. Nithyananda NemesisMay 18, 2010 at 9:29 PM

    When will California & USA freezes Nithy and Life Bliss accounts here?

    (My comment below is not directed at the author of the above line; it is just a general observation).

    Very good question. However, such a thing does not happen automatically and "mystically". How many of you have actually reported to the FBI, Immigration, local media, local government, local community etc.?

    Truth of the matter is most have done squat. And how do we expect his org to be shut down here? Magic somehow, I suppose?

    We are very good arm chair critiques. How many of us have taken the initiative to shut the org down here? We are so worried that our name might come out in the open. We are worried that if our name comes out, what will others think, what will happen if Nithy comes to know our name etc., may be we will get "bad karmas".

    Do we have the courage? Not really. We like to talk of dharma in this world, but we don't do a thing except be on the sides lines and criticize. If we want to see dharma on this earth, we need to act - because I have given up on God. God has failed as far as I am concerned. He/she is incapable of delivering dharma (and I am not interested in debating this with anyone - this is just my position on this, so don't bother commenting/criticizing this). If you want dharma, act and get such scoundrels as Nithy thrown in prison and his phony orgs shut down. Otherwise, forget any dharma happening.

    You have left the org, so you are happy and you go ahead and get your life back together. But that is just giving a free pass to Nithy and such crooks. They will continue to rape, pillage, murder and defraud other people - but oh, why you should you care, since you have already left, so you are happy isn't it? it's ok, if Nithy defrauds, rapes, murders others, because we are not involved anymore. Just wonderful!

    If you have guts, if you want dharma, report to every agency that is out there. Do whatever is in your power to shut this moron and his org down.

    (My comment may not jive well with all you "seekers" out there. But that is just too bad. We can't just sit on the sidelines and expect that someone is going to do the job of closing Nithy's shop down).

  72. What bad karma? It can only be good karma helping to prevent others from falling into the trap of a wicked false god.

    Inaction is due to cowardice, not saintliness.

    I do admit am a coward sometimes.

  73. Dear all,
    Nithy is calling all his devotees to be there in the high court complex to support his case !!! …. Seems some 20 Bidadi holed up inmates responded and others are being called by CID team now… especially US devotees who have been fuelling his projects thru hook or crook… to face the music soon … for their misdeeds as well … seems justice is hitting hard before 2012 !!

    May 18: CID police investigating tainted godman Nithyananda Swami issued notices to two American citizens seeking their assistance.
    Top sources in the CID said the two American citizens had been tracked through their e-mail id. Believed to be devotees of Nithyananda Swami, who stayed in the ashram, near Bidadi, the duo have agreed to co-operate in the investigation although no date has been specified for their return to India.
    The CID is expected to include an updated list of notices issued to US nationals in their statement of objections to Nithyananda Swami’s bail plea before the Karnataka HC, which adjourned the matter to May 26.

    CID coming to America and to LA/Seattle soon… watch out Dheera, Medha and team….. be on the run like your Master or return to India soon and co-operate with CID team to get out of trouble like some from Singapore/Malaysia have been in India and helped CID team, fyi.

  74. I left the organization in March when the scandal broke out. I am not for or against. I am complete and neutral. I do not agree with what Nith did, but I do not hate him either. My concern is that people need to let go a bit. Those that are for Nith are INCREDIBLY biased as are those that are against! When will people let up and move on? (I'm assuming you'll say 'once he is behind bars for good.')Negativity feeds negativity, so I just wondering how healthy this is. You all were likely involved with Nith out of that desire for enlightenment or inner peace now those that are against are spending all their time reading a negative blog and writing negative comments. I know you are doing it to make the public aware of Nith and due to the lack of transparency within the organization this is likely the only place many people can get the info - It'd just be nice to see people from both sides let go and move on. Enjoy life. I have not read this blog for almost a year (before the scandal) but just find it kind of sad to see how angry people are - it's not healthy! I thank you for getting the info out but just wish the best for everyone. If you're interested, I have started a blog called --- it's not about Nith - it's about finding your guru/teacher/saint/guide - and knowing that not ALL Guru's are 'bad' If you have anything positive to say about other teachings please share them on the blog - get some good stuff out -it'll be good for you ;) --- and the readers. Not all guru's are bad. I am not one to judge any of them. I believe we all have our own path and we need to choose it wisely. I enjoyed most of my time with Nith and have since chosen another route. I think what he did was very wrong but I can't hate him for it. I need to live in the present - enjoy the good things I have in this moment. Please note - I am not telling anyone what to do i.e. Stay, Leave, Be Neutral, etc. I just know that I've been bombarded with biased opinions both from the positive people and from the negative. Both things made me become even more and more neutral and more and more separate from BOTH groups and opinions. I am happy now to just BE and only wish that others can feel the same too! Take Care and lots of love to everyone.

  75. i agree that we should move on and don't waste time in trying to analyze things. in doing this we are losing sight of the purpose of life. I like to quote the concluding sloka from "Guru Geeta". Aginaanatimiraandhasya Vishyaakraantachetasah; Jnaanaprabha Pradaaneyna Kurumaey Prabho". the meaning of this sloka " On me whose eyes are covered over by the cataract of ignorance, whose mind is captured by the pleasure of senses, O lord may thy blessings be bestowed on me by the gift of knowledge, light.( ref Gurucharanaambhujam by Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi). Let us seek the blessings of the Lord to help us move forward

  76. Anon @May 19, 2010 6:35 PM
    Thank you, it is one the most sane postings I've read in a while. You are right on all points. And thanks to blog owner for choosing to publish this.

    Enough of wallowing in negativity, hatred and anger, even if these emotions are "directed" outside at others it still makes us suffer emotionally. We owe it to ourselves to move on and continue our journey in peace and happiness.

  77. Nityananda Inspired Ravi Teja?

    The buzzword making rounds across various parts of this country is that of Nityananda, the fake godman who has been busy having sex with actresses and taking his devotees for a ride in the name of discourses. In no time, the film folks seem to have picked up an idea based on him.
    Crazy star Ravi Teja is currently busy in the making of a movie and this was originally titled ‘Mirapakaaya’. However, as per the latest reports, the title of the film has been renamed as ‘Romantic Rushi’. On hearing this, the public talk is that this must be an inspiration from Nityananda.
    As it is, the adventures of Rishis and gurus have been quite erotic and sensuous lately so the best way to make the most of it is through the entertainment media. With the energetic screen presence of Ravi Teja, it will be interesting to see how romantic this Rushi will get on the silver screen.

    All Nithy supporters should read these comments from the links below, about the current situation to realize their follies and learn from pro/against devotees like Advaith about the truth of the matter....:

  78. @ Confused Lady Anon MAY 19, 2010 6:35 PM

    "I left the organization in March when the scandal broke out. I am not for or against. I am complete and neutral. I do not agree with what Nith did, but I do not hate him either."

    Who cares what you agree on or not. People can see and decide themselves whats right or wrong.

    "My concern is that people need to let go a bit. Those that are for Nith are INCREDIBLY biased as are those that are against! When will people let up and move on? (I'm assuming you'll say 'once he is behind bars for good.')Negativity feeds negativity, so I just wondering how healthy this is."

    Maybe you are still a nithy supporter inside who does not have the basic understanding of 'against and negativity' and the whole issue of 'anger' against nithy's cult.

    Sane people are against nithy because of his conduct and pathetic performance/antics.

    I feel the same way for you, you seem to have a biased view on people who don't like nithy with a capital 'INCREDIBLY' comment. You display more negativity than any of us fake guru's haters(pls just an expression). At least we are having some basis for our conclusion... you seem to be confused beyond doubt.

    Iam not angry but assertive... i need to speak my mind on a guy who makes a mockery out of our religion. If you feel that is hate then you are a supporter who is very egoistical and cant accept other views, plus you have a terrible understanding of human mind.

    "You all were likely blah blah blah their time reading a negative blog and writing negative comments."

    What are you doing now? Writing negative comments on people whom you feel are writing negative comments on nithy. Eh?

    "I know you are doing it to make the public aware of Nith and due to the lack of transparency within the organization this is likely the only place many people can get the info - "

    Then why dont you just understand that and stop acting the goat!

    "It'd just be nice to see people from both sides let go and move on. Enjoy life. I have not read this blog for almost a year (before the scandal) but just find it kind of sad to see how angry people are - it's not healthy!"

    Why dont you move on instead. Yours is a typical reaction of a nithy supporter, talking about health .. you need a doctor urgently.

    Just because you come across strong words used against nithy you assume that it will effect someone's health ! It is sad that people like you dont understand the whole issue. You have written you have not read this blog in a year.. so why dont start reading the whole blog again and then comment.

    "I thank you blah blah (with some web promotions)..."

    So you think you can guide people to know a true guru when you yourself in the dark?

    "I enjoyed most of my time with Nith blah blah blah.. Please note - I am not telling anyone what to do i.e. Stay, Leave, Be Neutral, etc."

    You got to read your posts again ... you are telling people lots of things .... Why dont let people decide for themselves instead of forcing your 'enlightened' thoughts through this blog.

    "I just know that blah blah blah Both things made me become even more and more blah blah separate from BOTH groups and opinions. blah blah blah... Take Care and lots of love to everyone."

    Well i wish you good mental health too. I hope you were not one those sadhakas who attended nithy's programs, if you were then it is the right time to assess your meditation practices. And please develop empathy on larger population instead of supporting your favorite man/guru/beast.

    Lots of love to all... expect nithy(and his supporters)of course.

  79. am no computer whiz, but every time I try to open this blog, i have a problem. Computer becomes extremely slow/ hangs/ opens multiple internet explorers. Am I just getting paranoid or is there a possiblity of some 'divine'read as ashram, interference in any way.

  80. Dear friends,
    I am not afraid of coming out.But unfortunately there is nothing concrete that I can report either.I left about 2 years ago.I very much want to close down the Seattle temple but don't know how.I hate Medhanandamayi for not letting Sahaj and Sevak talk to all the volunteers .I JUST HATE HER.I knew her.I thought she would have a little bit of humanity left in her but no.I would like to freeze their accounts.If there is someone in Seattle or elsewhere who wants to help please let me know.
    If all the former volunteers come together I am sure we can do something.Please let me know if you are interested .Most of you in Seattle will know how to contact me.
    Thank you.

  81. Is that Advaith chap on that blog comments the real Advaith (Ram of Bangalore and Singapore)? I have reasons to doubt it. Although he claims it is him in one of the comments.

    Ram writes very coherent good English. Whereas in that blog the English is poor and grammatically incorrect in many places.

  82. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Hi Anon @ 11:46 AM. Try a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or even Opera.

    We use Chrome, (OK, Google, pay up.) And our blog loads really fast even on an aging Pentium 4 computer.

    Hope this helps.

    Jai Maa.

  83. "...Iam not angry but assertive..."
    Indeed you are. I wonder if that's still what you think after re-reading your post.
    " no computer whiz..."
    The blogger's too quick with his Opera tip, so I'll just add: IE's so buggy Nithy could use it as a demonstration of his inhuman powers: he could make it crash, freeze, unfreeze, open new windows randomly...
    And, just to finish with IT matters for today, I've recently witnessed IE6 working on a Pentium 3. An agonizing sight.

  84. I use Firefox - this blog loads fast on my cheap XP computer.

    What happened to Medhananda & his Mayi. Gosh, have they become such dumb blind followers or are did they committed crimes with Nithy and now trapped.

  85. Hi everyone,

    Here’s Bhaktha’s bliss tour of Carribean and St.Marteen island in June/July 2008 and how he made everyone Bhukthas with his energy darshan for a huge sum !!

    This was a systematic cleansing of all ex Saibaba, Sri Sri and Osho followers in that areas…. Replicated the same in other parts of SA, Africa and ASEAN/AP as well ! What a grand idea of energizing wealth creation by looting innocents across the globe… u just can’t beat it !!

    Now, the same Bhaktha is undergoing Bhoga as Bhuktha in Ramnagaram Ladies jail….. ofcourse with following his Master’s footsteps…. Yatha Raja…. Thatha praja….. but some folks like Advaith did get away with their smartness… as of now, unless they do the right things to help CID… they will also undergo Bhog…. Like Nithy… and many more before 2012 equalises everything !!

  86. what happened to the blog owner? cat got your tongue?

  87. I read somewhere in...wings to freedom, Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath discusses the 7 stages of spiritual development and warns: "A word of caution - it is here that the danger of being ensnared by the ego lies. Some saints and yogis due to their past karmas become world teachers with large followings of admiring disciples. At the third and fourth stage, they must resist the temptation to pretend to be more than what they are. Some of these souls because of excessive kundalini surge may hallucinate themselves into believing they are Avatars. They bask in the praises showered upon them by deluded devotees who haven't a clue about what an Avatar is. The saint in turn makes no effort to correct his mistaken identity. This situation is detrimental to both the saint and the devotees." Author seems to use 'saint' in reference to the person's state prior to getting ensnared by ego. Apparently, many tried to tell Rajasekharan(sexananda) that he was headed down wrong road, but he was too arrogant to heed anyone's advice. He definitely seems to have hallucinated himself into believing all sorts of things and also claimed he could see far down the road. But he never saw this scandal coming.

    YOU PROVED ME RIGHT!!!!! YOU are a burden on Mother Earth.
    Here is an e-mail sent
    with my e-mail address
    to AnandaVolunteers Seattle
    though I unsubscribed from this group long ago (a day after I got my name on the blog).That shows how threatened they feel by even one person like me,who has done nothing yet,except express a wish to close the Seattle temple.
    How low can You stoop??? Now I know for sure that you all need to rot in hell.
    Are you trying to scare me??

    [AnandaVolunteersSeattle] (unknown)
    madhuri susarla <************@*****.com>
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  89. @ Madhuri Susarla,

    Thank you for coming forward with courage. Can you post a brief outline of the mail?

    One of my friend had an opportunity to be called in for a function in Chicago. You all know the Indian network makes it easy for some heads of ashram to spread news about their arrival and many Indians drop in just to have darshan of the 'guru'.

    My friend was called in by some of her friends and she was asked to also come for some volunteering work, but, when she saw nithyananda she knew that something was not right and chose to stay away. During those days she saw Ranjitha with male companions visiting local Hindu temples laughing and with a loud personality.

    Months later this expose vindicated her stand on Nithyananda and his vampire group. Many young men and woman fell for his so called 'charm'. They were used as couriers for stories of miracles and enlightenment of nithy.

    Most of them stay away from his ashrams and activities, these volunteers though are silent, one can see the pain and shame on their faces.

    It is very evident that Indians are very vulnerable as they miss their land and want some connection, so they feel that these gurus
    will help them.

    Now the latest news is that Sri Sri is in his way to Chicago ...

    Madhuri Susarla, you are brave and courageous,
    yes, we have some dirty nithy supporters coming everyday and reading and commenting like fools on this blog.

    These dirty rats can be exposed, infact some of them have been identified. None of these supporters have got the courage to use their real names, like sewage rats they hide underground and come once in a while to comment and then run back to their hell hole.

    You can see the comments of few rats on this post. They come here and preach and ask people to move on(MAY 20, 2010 6:28 AM) and then try to post again to tell people how much anger is their posts(MAY 20, 2010 2:41 PM).

    And then typically they will post replies writing how wonderful the post was...

    Yes, you are a lioness among the Indians living in Seattle along with Doug, exposenithyananda and few others.

    Dont worry we have an army(respectable, pure Indians) to counter the vicious attacks of these rats(supporters), if they have the guts let them reveal their names, but no, they are cowards.

    Madhuri sister... dont worry we are with you.

    Our campaign will become fierce in coming days, the ferociousness of pure souls will bring down nithy and his goons. And you sister, have taken a bold step!

    Kind regards,

    Om Rudraya Namaha!

  90. Do you truly believe that signing your comment with a sensible name, instead of posting it anonymously, is what distinguishes a "brave" person from a coward?

  91. @ Anon MAY 19, 2010 6:35 PM

    What is wrong with being angry? It is easy to preach neutrality when you are least affected. People who have given their trust, belief and sacrificed their time, a lot of money and some people who have sacrificed their entire life for this guy's "stupid mission" have been hurt very badly. Does he care for any of those? When you see a thief stealing from someone else on the street, you don't keep quiet and ask the other person to be "neutral"...(that is height of selfishness); you instead go behind the thief and bring them to justice.(That is selflessness and a nature of a good human being). In Mahabarath, Krishna teaches us by not being quiet and moving on with his life. Instead he teaches Arjuna to stand up and fight against injustices(even if they are your own parents or master). It is because of people like you that nothing good ever happens and crooks like Nithy and his cronies continue to cheat people.

    By now it should have been clear that Nithy is no enlightened master. He is not even a good human being. A good human being would be truthful. Even Tiger woods and other politicians in USA have been caught in such scandals recently(let me remind you without video proof), but they had the courtesy to come out and accept their deeds in front of camera and ask people for forgiveness. Compare with Nithy(a self proclaimed enlightened master) who didn't have the guts to accept his deeds when it is very clear from the video it was him. Which world does he or his cronies think people are in? If it can be so nicely morphed, actors in hollywood and bollywood would soon be out of work!!!!. He just needs a stick shoved up his a$$.. Nithyananda's supporters don't understand that by supporting Nithy's lies, they are also committing a crime and they are going to pay for it.

    I fully support the movement to shut down all his ashrams and activities all across the world. Let other copy cat cheaters know that they cannot take people for granted and abuse innocents. God Bless you all.

  92. Nithyananda went into hiding once the videos were aired. Why, if he was innocent? He ran away like a common criminal, fearing for his life. Generating videos from hiding and saying he is not running away from police when the cops were on the lookout for him. Why lie?

    Even if 10 people stand up and complain about how they were defrauded by Nithyananda, he can be put away. He will not have the chance to ruin the life of another wife, daughter, sister, mother or friend.

    If after all this, you still believe that he is an enlightened being and god, it is your decision. But to me and many others who have studied the evidence against him, he is just a fraud and sex addict. He needs treatment in a correctional mental asylum.

    He is an ordinary man, who acquired some powers that he misused. Now he has been arrested and the law will follow its course. If he had been anything more special, nothing like this would have happened. Many people may have been afraid of him so far. There is nothing to be afraid of a common criminal.

    Please stand up and do what you believe as dharma! That will help this Vedic religion of Hinduism.

  93. I think the people have a right to complain about Nithyananda and do every thing to pull him down from his Gurudom and stop his false propaganda. But, there is no reason to close the temples. Yes, you can make sure that his idols are thrown into Ocean and the temples should be run like proper Hindu temples. It is indeed a surprise that the people who are shouting so much here are not doing any thing to take charge of the temples and, the old guards are still in control of the temples.

  94. @Anon MAY 23, 2010 12:57 AM

    It is not easy to close down ashrams based on complains without evidence. Probably no crime was committed or there is no sufficient proof to charge and initiate actions. But yes, the people who are shouting here will also shout wherever they go against this cult of sex.

    Dont underestimate the anger here as arm chair critics views etc. The word has spread and that is because of people like you and me. We will not recommend friends to attend his programs and that is a victory for people who have taken a stand against cheats and frauds 'holy' men.

    Word of mouth is the best weapon against this organized fraud.

    If still some people believe in nithy then they should involve in sensible debate or discussion and not come here and say 'move on' or anything else which makes no sense.

    @ anon MAY 22, 2010 5:18 AM

    Whats you point? yes if Madhuri has come forward then she is much courageous than you atleast, the Q is - what are you ?

    A gutless coward.
    A ex sexual partner of nithy.
    A supporter of nithy' tantra activities.

  95. "What is wrong with being angry?"
    Anger is useless; it brings no productive change.
    "When you see a thief stealing from someone else..."
    The most common response to this (or simply after seeing a person lying in the street) is to pass by without offering help. Maybe that is because we're afraid of looking like odd ducks; maybe we fear the person we want to help is drunk, or worse yet, homeless; maybe we don't want to carry the responsibility for this person on our shoulders. Your suggestion is rather utopian for today's world.
    " supporting Nithy's lies, they are also committing a crime and they are going to pay for it."
    How are they going to pay for it?
    "Word of mouth is the best weapon against this organized fraud."
    Sure, you don't have anything else to offer.
    "...the Q is - what are you ?"
    Yes, this particular bit of your "retort" is a valuable contribution to... what was it... ah, sensible debate or discussion.
    I shall post as "Madhuri" from now on, just to please you, our holy judge.

  96. @ Nithy sucker MAY 23, 2010 5:00 AM

    Ah disgusting rat caught! So you come here and want to post some 'intelligent' comments and believe that you will be impressing visitors?

    "Anger is useless; blah blah .."

    Why dont you see that its not anger. Probably you are filled with so much insecurity(nithy's downfall)that you want to see all this as anger. Hey no rat .. i think we (anti nithy) are much peaceful,happy and successful people than idiots like you.

    "The blah blah blah homeless; Your suggestion is rather utopian for today's world."

    Worthless and pointless thought from a supporter of a sex addict, fraud and lier guru.

    "How are they going to pay for it?"

    Why do you bother about that? Its not your business to worry about how they are going to pay... oh i get it you want to know how you are paying the price.

    Read on..

    1. Humiliated by friends.. as gullible suckers.

    2. By sulking and talking to themselves and think all is fine. But when they come out.. they bow their heads in shame when they come across friends and relatives who dislike nithy.

    3. By paying in cash for worthless practices and wasting time working like slaves or posting pro nithy comments like you.

    4. By smiling and sulking in a group when all are discussing nithy's sex antics and laughing their @ss off.

    Well i can go on and on...

    "Sure, you don't have anything else to offer."

    Ha ha, you and your s3x guru had lot to offer eh? Look at yourself in the mirror... dont you look like a dimwitted loser. Cmon what have you to offer? Just petty remarks.

    "Yes, this particular bit of your "retort" is blah blah blah, sensible debate or discussion."

    Oh! So a illiterate nithy supporter is trying to do anything but give some credible answer for nithy's activities...

    I shall post as "Madhuri" from now on, just to please you, our holy judge.

    Hey dont worry we will know a rat when we see one... i love to kick your @ss anytime. Please do post. Wow now i get to web kick a 'real' nithy supporter. Iam loving it!

  97. A group who are from the close circle of Nithyananda are headed by Namakal ashram, Tamilnadu, India head
    (ex) Dr.Chandran aka sadananda are making personal home visits to devotees houses in Chennai.

    They are encouraging the devotees to clear if their doubts. To the question as to why Nithyananda indulged in sex activities: the answer by Dr. Chandren was "like sneezing, sweat and other such body fluids that come out, sex is a natural instinct".

    and the group also said that there are people who are trying to poison Nithyananda once he comes out.

    What kind of campaign is this! are these fools trying to create sympathy? What a pathetic approach! Hope someone video tapes the whole campaign and publishes.

  98. For the pro-nithy supporters, they should be thankful that Nithy tried these stunts on moderate Hindus and he was not a muslim in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. He would have had a different welcome had he tried all this in Muslim country like Saudi. I think that is the right place for him and his supporters to be on trial.:-)

    Wow, what a thought his supporters are coming up is like it fine to sleep with a married woman / somebody else's wife?? What a disgrace!. I wonder if the Nithy supporters would still be supporting Nithy had it been their own wife, sisters, mothers or daughters in place of Ranjitha caught in the act!.

    Nithy fools....don't blindly support just because you had some hallucinating experience!. All the present anti-Nithy folks here were once upon a time in your shoes believing every word of Nithy... but thankfully God showed us the truth and it is time for you guys to wake up. God gave you intelligence to think. Rest is your choice.

  99. Why I want to close the temples?
    I want the deities to have pooja but it should not be with the Nithyananda foundation, just for the simple reason that that this door should never lead any more of our daughters,sisters,mothers or any one to Nithy's bedroom. We all are responsible even if one girl from Seattle is trapped into this.
    I wonder if he tried to give enlightenment to a 60 year old woman with his "unique" technique.
    I am sad that people are satisfied with just walking away but don't realize that as long as they have temples it is a big trap for all of our innocent brothers and sisters,especially with Medhanandamayi.
    We already know that the foundation and the founder are good with lying and building up stories.Even though the video was so clear I trusted his words and was waiting like a fool to prove that it was morphed. After this he calls people and asks them not to look at the media or read stuff and only go to his support website and there are people doing exactly that.That is betrayal .He doesn't even have the courage to SPEAK the simple truth,and he speaks of giving enlightenment to us and that too at jet speed.
    I have also heard people saying follow his teachings, they helped you. Come to the temple and practice the meditation techniques.Why do you care if he sleeps with 100 women???Forget his personal life.
    REALLY? HOW CAN HE BE DIFFERENT FROM HIS TEACHINGS? HE IS SUPPOSED TO RADIATE ENLIGHTENMENT, FEARLESSNESS, GRATUTUDE-BLISS. He taught us the technique for fearlessness but in his own personal life he didn't know how to actually live it.He taught us gratitude and surrender to existence,but I haven't seen him expressing or radiating an iota of surrender or TRUST in existence,in the most humiliating moments of his life. He actually tries to threaten us by asking us not to speak ill of an enlightened master while all the time in private sessions all he did was talk ill of the other masters.Something that he has actually trained us for, don't you think ? But now looks like it has hit him back , BIG TIME!
    For a person who claims to heal us of cancer and one who says that he can bestow us wishes,he couldn't get rid of SIMPLE gas from his body.
    For people who say - I am grateful for all he did ,no hard feelings but time to move on.
    I ask you - how can you be so selfish ? ONLY you know how easy it is fall prey to their big talks and his charm.We owe it to our children,our community, our city, our Mother earth.

    My motto is ONE FOR ALL - ALL FOR ONE.
    It is not a big fight but a very small one if we all come together.

    I don't know what enlightenment is but if it means becoming like him I'll humbly say no thank you. A person who is trying to lead so many people needs to have some integrity.He should be an inspiration, which he was actually until the truth came out.His life story and his promises were too good to be true.
    I won't give a lecture again.I wanted to express my thoughts once to the people of Seattle.I don't know about bringing down the foundation but certainly we can do something about the temple.

  100. All the usual reactions... Good to know I'm giving somebody trolling practice.
    "What is wrong with being angry?"
    I'll quote that again. Apparently it's not just me who sees anger.
    "Worthless and pointless thought..."
    ...left unobjected nonetheless.
    "Its not your business..."
    None of this is my business. Yet you choose to reply. That's been expected.
    Points 1-4... pretty cheap in terms of payment. I can't help wondering what 'friends' of Nithy's supporters you're talking about, though.
    "...a illiterate nithy supporter..."
    "...Wow now i get to web..."
    Ah, shouldn't you be grateful for that? It's such a boring time, closing temples, filing complaints to the CID, attending courts all day long, and there's nobody to bash!
    Cherish your opportunity, but be consistent. You're an "intelligent", "literate", "peaceful", "successful" person after all. Oh, and you're not angry as well. Reflect this in your writing; look at the blog owner's posts - they're always subtle, ironic, deep, and bring a lot more pleasure to read.

  101. Hi Madhuri,
    In your first post you mention that you left 2 years ago. In the latest post you mention that you "trusted" Nithy's words about the video. I am assuming you did not leave Nithy or Vedic temple completely 2 years ago.

    I agree that Nithy should be kicked out of Seattle area.

  102. Can the blog owner post an update or a new blog? We had only a single blog this month! Curious minds wants to know what's happening with Nithy!

  103. @ Madhuri Susarla

    Please don't say you wont lecture again, i request you to share more informations about the temples and the organisation so that people have the right picture.

    The temples in US are the traps... devotees gather in these temples and pray and when they have free time they recommend nithyananda or some guru. Most of the Indians came to know about nithyananda from the local temples and today these temples play a greater role, we discuss nithyananda with disgust and now people just dont like him.

    There are some idiots who support him not because he is a guru but because they are paid to spread miracles stories about him. We have some idiots visiting this blog. Infact one is very prominent here.

    Do not worry ... no one is attracted to nithyananda anymore. His career in India and other countries is finished. Now after the truth is out which idiot will follow him?

    Most people have a herd mentality that is why very few people are in touch with you. They prefer to keep quite or look the other way. To gather a force you need to be persistent in your efforts.

    Most spiritual people have a $h!tty attitude, when some crime is committed we all will cry and when the criminal is caught then we will beg for mercy for him, you know why ? because many people prefer to keep quite and those retards who are concerned with the criminal work to get him free citing humanitarian approach or reforming the criminal or 'moving on'.

    We are typically scared in taking bold initiative and thats the reason we have been hammered by perverts like rajiv malhotra and some of the goons of nithyanada who come here and preach goodness and forgivness.

    These people ask "whats wrong for an enlightened being in having sex, after all lord Krishna also..."

    Rascal misqoute and misinterpret our ancient knowledge to allow perverts, cheats and frauds like nithyanada to thrive.

    You know why ? because we prefer to keep quite and act like a saint. Preaching about what is true Hinduism and forgiveness etc for a criminal - BAH!

    GITA is a book which was sung by god on the battle field. The fight is between Adharma and Dharma. A war !

    I dont know about you, but occasionally some friends come together and discuss this nasty man and we do that openly, let me tell you we have not come across a single man or woman who support him, in fact he has become a laughing stock.

  104. "Most spiritual people have a $h!tty attitude"

    I am surprised that this kind of comment gets a pass here.

  105. We should ALL unite and see how we can close all NITHY temples and ashrams. Cause even if we think that oh they are temples and idols we should keep it going, you never know who is supporting Nithy and who is not. People might come up as AntiNithy and take up the temple management and again start taking advantage of people. I STRONGLY feel that NITHY's TEMPLES should be SHUT DOWN. Nithy is v v v v SLY and has many demons here in US who are still supporting him.

    Any ideas how that can be done?

  106. I wouldn't blame the US temples; it is part of their larger propaganda/marketing strategy. Once these crooks get a foot hold they are like "the camels". They start off as free Yoga and Meditation for public, now, how would temples say no to this bait! Then people start attending those sessions where they are slowly lured into the cult, simple! those who fall for it are screwed big time. The temple loose a chunk of its volunteers and "beautiful families" are shattered by the cult. Those who did not fall into the trap, quietly moves on thanking their stars and the those who fell...bottom line, Temples should see this coming and stop promoting such monsters....temple managements, are you listening???

  107. I have been reading both sides for some time. It seems to me that it is necessary to speak out with disgust about this man to make sure not even one more person follows him ever again. I agree... ONLY moving on would seem irresponsible. But I also see validity that we would not want this consume us with negative energy.

    I think it is a balance of viewpoints and I don't see the need to insult others or call them nithy supporters when both perspectives add value.

    I think what you guys are looking for is to express yourselves emotionally and honestly about what happened. That is what people listen to. I think the public can see the bias in anger and they cannot really trust it. Even to admit anger is fine, but to be consumed by it and to use anger mindlessly as a fuel is too much of an excuse of the ego - I feel.

    Again, I think admitting anger is certainly much better than repressed emotions. But for the most part, there must be another way just as impactful to express yourselves besides pure anger. Perhaps, what we need to do more of is express openly about how hurt we were and how repulsive the man's actions were through stories. And people have been doing quite a bit of that actually so I think everyone is doing a great job already.

  108. Anon at May 25, 2010 11:47 AM
    I appreciate your attempt to inject some moderation into this. I'm afraid some of us here are using Nithy as a "punching-bag" to let out all our frustrations with our personal lives. Our hatred and anger is always there and we have no healthy way to face it or purge it. Nithy is a nice target that you are allowed to hate. This opens the floodgates and whatever is pent up is being released. Therefore we sometimes have, what appears to be a disproportionately vicious response.
    In a weird way we have Nithy to thank for being a punching bag for helping us let it all out. Believe it or not its very cathartic!!
    Not equating Nithy with Jesus or anything, but when people say Jesus went to the cross for everyone's sins, I think I begin to understand, he became the focal point of all the negativity, anger, hatred and vileness and viciousness of the people living there at the time. I'm sure they all felt a lot better after seeing him whipped to shreds, after seeing him leak blood out of every orifice of his body and after seeing him bleed to his death slowly!! I'm sure there was a great relief for those people from their mental torments. They were saved, they had peace!!! Shanti! Shanti !! Shanti!!!

  109. To May 25 1:56 pm
    1- Like you said ,there is no comparison between Nithy and Jesus.
    2- NIthy had an opportunity to come out with the truth right from day one the video out.He chose not to.He thought making any story up with a charming smile will make it all OK for him,but it did not.
    3-He said he'll go in seclusion and did not keep his word.
    4- MORE than what happened to us we want to make sure that this doesn't happen again even if it was our greed for enlightenment that brought us him.
    Yes we are all angry people,we are all greedy,we are all weak people who need support but we are not liars.We did not cheat anyone.We did not break up families.We did not make gold thrones for ourselves by ripping someone off their money. Frankly there was no need for him to charge so much since they were not meditations created by him.What was his ulterior motive? (build more golden thrones???)
    Nithy claimed that he was giving Kalpataru darshan to the ladies.Great! What about Kalpataru darshan for people who wanted a Mercedes,for people who wanted a big house,for people who wanted to pay off their debts. NIthy was in a position to give them money and take care of things for them. BUT DID HE ? No . Kalpataru darshan for only wishes that are beneficial to him and not others.

    "Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Krodha roopena Samstitha Namastasyai, Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namaha "

    I take offense to the way you wrote the comment

    "I'm sure they all felt a lot better after seeing him whipped to shreds, after seeing him leak blood out of every orifice of his body and after seeing him bleed to his death slowly!! I'm sure there was a great relief for those people from their mental torments. They were saved, they had peace!!! Shanti! Shanti !! Shanti!!!"

    I have only one question for you
    What kind of mind set would one need to cheat the people who sacrificed their everything for his mission and him?Even in a simple relationship transparency is needed to make it work and for a Guru Sishya relationship the Guru has a greater responsibility of preserving Dharma , righteousness. Krishna is great because that is exactly what he did. Jesus sacrificed himself and not his disciples .

    Nithyananda fled and tried to save himself leaving all of us.He should have seen this coming. Even a regular man would handled it in a more enlightened way. I don't see any detachment from his side.He still needs food prepared at the ashram.
    So please don't say that we are throwing stones at Nithyananda and getting our negativity out and enjoying it.There is a difference.Ours are not stones at Jesus but arrows from the bow of Arjuna against
    "Adharma" against unrighteousness (doesn't matter who it is).

  110. please don't equate Jesus to Nithy. Jesus was a selfless person had the courage to face the people. Nithy on the other is a coward hiding from people & lieing from his tooth to save his skin. You miss the point if you see anger here. See the hurt that people have gone through and the frustration Nithy and his org have created with their lies and you will understand the anger-like form through which it is expressed and vented.

  111. Don't you all get it by now? Nithy, like most other cult "leaders" is just a schizophrenic psychopath, a megalomaniac with a lust for control, power, money and women.

    There have been many "leaders" like this, with successful cults. Scientology, the cult, sorry, religion, created by failed sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard, is one great example.

    Many of them are cloaked in the garb of mainstream religion, like Nithy using his "yogic body, vedic mind" preaching to allay peoples' worries about this being anything other than mainstream vedic Hindu teachings.

    The fundamentalist church of latter day saints is similar. The Branch Davidians are another example. At least the feds didn't raid Nithy's ashrams and shoot the volunteers dead.

    They all prey on people's insecurities and the need for belonging to something.

    People need to realize this, wake up, and get out.

  112. They all prey on people's insecurities and the need for belonging to something.

    Exactly. The irony being that Nithy himself has taught this to his acharyas who would teach ASP ("LBP level 1"): You first convince the audience that they are lacking in some area. You then proceed to demonstrate how only this program can fill that void (my words, but he said pretty much that himself!)

    And how many insiders have heard him laugh about how "it is good business for me, not good business for you!". And still people continue to be blind. Well then, these fools get what they deserve. Including those who are crying now that their lives were ruined. You were gullible. And you got conned. Too bad.

  113. @ Dave

    Your moderate thoughts are appreciable...

    You say..
    "I think it is a balance of viewpoints and I don't see the need to insult others or call them nithy supporters when both perspectives add value. "

    I feel when some person comes and post comments supporting nithy and give vague reasons for his actions, then it becomes imperative to SHUT him up.

    This is not a forum, this is blog dedicated to expose the nasty guru and such pro nithy comments dont deserve respect here.

    Why dont these nithy supporters accept that nithy has betrayed thousands of his devotees, that he has destroyed the name and position of a sanyasi?

    We dont want these people to give us explanation/excuses of the human biological needs or anything else. These supporters are worse than nithy because they accept what nithy has done is OK.

    These sorts of people are the probable pedophile, unfaithful souls and frauds. Dont you think so?

    Which sane person having a lovely family can ever say that nithy has done no wrong.

    The anger expressed here is not self consuming.. how can it have any effect on us when we raise objections for selfless gains?

    Anger can also be a positive force, ego can be a positive force, It all becomes negative when the end result is negative, in this case the purpose is to save the countless souls who believe that some 'guru' can save them, give them samadhi but the man himself is reveling in luxury etc.

    This 'guru' takes over their life, money and freedom. True guru serve his devotees...

    That is the dharma of a true guru.

    @ MAY 25, 2010 1:56 PM

    Yes, many people are waiting for opportunity to tear him apart, probably you will also if your wife/child would have been molested by this man. It is most disgusting that you TRY to equate nithy with Lord Jesus, I dont how anyone can even think like that... except a nithy lover.

  114. Nithyananda bail petition hearing adjourned to June 9th

  115. You never make up your mind. When someone does come and starts what you'll probably call pro-Nithy propaganda, he should shut up because he's distracting those in doubt.
    Or maybe his effort is so futile you'd better ignore him, because no sane person would listen to that.
    Or wait, maybe he must shut up?..
    The reason so many people don't accept the truth is that it's not at all easy to accept the reality when you're knee-deep in that... well, situation. Especially with all Nithy's support teams scrambling frantically to keep as many devotees as they could reach. That's why this blog doesn't have that much impact: its exposure is insufficient compared to even the weakest news resources. And that is the principal problem of all blogs, all but a handful of the most popular ones.

  116. @May 26, 2010 12:05 AM

    You need to relax. what is being equated is the "lynch mob" mentality of the Israelites and some of comments of the blog posters here... Just go back and read them all, we have comments calling for all sorts of violence and barbarism, from publicly stoning him, hanging him, cutting off his body parts, tearing him apart, beating him up...etc etc.
    For the record I'm not equating Nithy with Jesus, BUT I AM EQUATING the likes of you to the medieval barbarians living in former Palestine/Israel. 2000 years is still not enough for evolution to take place...we are still animals.
    Jesus had to stop the stone-throwing mob and say "let he who hath not sinned cast the first stone" He interceded in favor of a prostitute...
    Question is, is any of us holier than Nithy to throw stones at him? Be honest, what would YOU have done when a pretty looking lady is all over you? Honest truth is in his shoes many would have pounced on Ranjita and rode her like its the homestretch on the Kentucky Derby!!! Now we are pretending that he is the rotten one!!!

  117. While the fire rages here and it should, folks should not forget that all the fraud committed is definitely not organized by Nithya alone, given his age and experience. Otherwise Bhakta would not have been arrested. He was not seen with Ranjitha. CID has grounds to keep him away from bail. There is a team of big rats involved. It is not only the job to shout here, but also to hunt them down. The rest will follow like water from the hills.

    Nithya to Jesus and vice versa, sounds like an way to digress the focal point. Ignore it.

    Negative and positive things are context sensitive. Given the complex situation in Mahabharata, Arjun had done many negative jobs (like killing Karna at a wrong time, while Karna was without a weapon), as Krishna convinced Arjun to do so. A negative response to another negative deed is sometimes holy, at least when it comes to defending the belief of one-sixth of the globe.

    A true Hindu does not fight, unless forced to fight. Here we are. The core value of the book that will be laid on their chest when the person is finally having 'moksha' (set to flames) is vigorously shaken. The frustrations and after shocks are inevitable, righteousness and salutations to the Gita.

  118. Is it possible to have a mature discussion on this? As long as some folks work themselves up with the idea that "what if Nithy raped your wife/mother/sister" etc? Why do you have an obsession to see your wife/mother/sister with Nithy? Let's blame nithy for the offenses he actually committed rather than imaginary ones. Offenses _shall_be_ proven in a court of law not in rabid blogs by innuendos and rumors.

    Many folks point to a litany of offenses. Let's examine them one at a time.

    Him charging "too much" for his program. How is this an offense? If you don't like the price go to some other shop!! As you know there are plenty of gurus in India. Some of them do charge money. Any organization needs money for operations and expansion. Nithy's helpers who come from MNCs are running his organization like a business. Yes it may not look compatible with spiritual orgs of yesteryears that have negative attitude towards money. But is this an offense??

    As for him running and hiding, wouldn't it be understandable if he/his disciples want to hide from the lynch mob that's destroying his ashrams and beating the ashramites and calling them names? (Besides he was only physically unreacheable as he gave several interviews to news media, what more is needed?) If the argument is "he ran therefore his is not god" it is infantile, it is not an argument at all. IF the argument is he ran therefore he is guilty also doesn't hold water since the police after 1 month aren't being able to prove his culpability....

    He split families is a controversial one. But let's talk specific examples shall we?? One specific example is Mukku. It seems to me Mukku took "sannyas" from Nithy but still wanted to stay married to his wife. What kind of a sannyas is this? With/without Nithy's influence Mukku's wife asked for a divorce...Mukku now blames Nithy but Mukku still seems to go out with other ladies? is this a joke? Mukku wants have his cake and eat it too (yes, he eats way too much) and finally blames the shopkeeper for running out of cake!!! He is the poster-child for this lynch mob? nice work!

  119. May 26, 2010 12:37 PM...
    I wouldn't expect any mature discussion round here if I were you, but I do have something to contribute to that would-be situation.
    "Offenses _shall_be_ proven..."
    Worry not, nothing going on in this blog has anything to do with actually proving offences. (Only in the eyes of the posters.)
    "But is this an offense??"
    Charging much is not, but all money gained in that way was labelled "donations" and therefore not subject to tax. So there, tax evasion could be your offence. (I'm no authority in this field, you may want to consult some of the more sensible readers, if you find any.)
    "...the police after 1 month aren't being able to prove his culpability..."
    Let's be consistent with all of our arguments. You didn't expect the trial to take place on the day he was arrested, did you? If Nithy's released, we will have to admit he's clear before the law. While he isn't, we cannot make a decision.
    "But let's talk specific examples shall we??"
    Once again, that it wasn't his fault that a family broke up doesn't mean he isn't guilty of splitting other marriages; one example from your side is not enough. Once again, I'm sure you can find some stories on the subject in the comment threads on this blog.

  120. Anon @May 26, 2010 1:31 PM
    Thankyou for your views. Let me clarify that I don't expect court case to be finished and final verdict is in to prove/disprove Nithy's culpability. But What I see is the police struggling very hard to build a case. Granted that doesn't prove nithy is innocent but if Nithy is a serial offender as it has been accused and he has been caught "red-handed" with lot of incriminating videos as it has been alleged then it should have been a slam-dunk case, no?

    I'm watching this fairly closely. What I see is the case against Nithy has devolved into some sort of a "fishing expedition". There were tonne of things thrown around, sandalwood bits at ashram, undeclared foreign currency, he sat on a deerskin(!!), he smuggled gold, don't forget he gave money to LTTE, he built buildings on agricultural land, he killed foreigners, people committed suicide, the ashram land was stolen...I'm sure I missed a few.
    There was one charge after another one each day, each one more colorful and more fantastic than before. Compare the seriousness of initial charges to charges against deerskin!! There is a sense of desperation to make something, _anything_ stick...
    You know what, if you look long enough I think anybody could have proven to be guilty of something or the other.

    you said, "one example from your side is not enough." Fair enough. I have pretty much read every posting on this blog since the beginning. I don't recall seeing an actual e.g. to the contrary. If someone has a different experience please share it.

  121. @ MAY 26, 2010 8:17 AM

    "You need to relax. what is being equated is the "lynch mob" mentality of the Israelites and some of comments of the blog posters here... "

    What has Israelis to with this joker. Are you out of your mind...

    "For the record I'm not equating Nithy with Jesus, BUT I AM EQUATING the likes of you to the medieval barbarians living in former Palestine/Israel."

    So if people want to get nithy punished they become the barbarians? Likes of YOU were the ones who got Barabbas(evilness) released and got Lord Jesus(goodness) crucified.

    "we are still animals."

    Cant say what you are... cause animals have a reason and a season. You have none.

    "Question is, is any of us holier than Nithy to throw stones at him? Be honest, what would YOU have done when a pretty looking lady is all over you? "

    You have the nerve to believe that all men will fall like this nasty man. I dont know about you but i do have the control . Please ask this Q to your close relatives before you throw it open to all.

    Do not assume that all men will be an idiot like nithy, who will cheat and be unfaithful to his friends.

    Do you think all men and women are immoral?

    Such perverted thoughts do not allow the civilizations to evolve. Today it seems, according to this joker, having sex with another's wife or not paying tax etc seems ok
    and no one should oppose the guilty.

    @ MAY 26, 2010 12:37 PM

    Why are you trying to find excuses to prove that nithy has not committed any crime. Do you think the judge is a fool to keep him in jail?

    This blog began several months before the expose, what was the aim of this blog- to awaken people and free them from the clutches of this nasty man.

    What offenses have been committed and what has been created can be left to the investigating
    team. They know best what to do.

    The discussion here is not what crimes he has committed but what he has done is right or wrong. What is seen here is that some nithy supporters crying foul and trying to hijack the topic by calling for a moderate approach.

    They need not worry ... if people are expressing some form of anger like cutting nithy in to pieces etc they are just expressing, it does not mean anyone will follow it up.

    Be practicle and watch the nithy's video ... and decide yourself.

    These squabbles are no use, nithy is still in jail and thats the reality.



    Nithyananda’s judicial custody extended to June 9

    Swami Nithyananda’s judicial custody, which ended today, has been extended to June 9 by the Karnataka High Court. The court also adjourned the hearing of the bail plea of Nityananda Swami, who was arrested on criminal charges including rape, to June 8.

    The orders of the court was announced when the case came for hearing before Justice Subhash Adi, after the CID police sought more time to conduct investigations into the alleged cases against Nithyananda Swami, aka Paramahamsa Nithyananda, after hearing the arguments of both the sides.

    Also, a writ petition filed by the counsel of Swami Nithyananda against freezing of bank accounts of the trusts of which he is a trustee has been adjourned to June 4 for hearing.

  124. to May 26 12:37 PM
    Again you are coming back to square one?Yes there are legal issues and there are moral issues.
    Just because something hasn't been proved in court doesn't mean he is not guilty .
    Let's come to separating couples.I was almost ready to leave my husband and go and join the cult.But with God's grace something happened where I realized this was not for me.What's wrong with being together as a family ? As it is Nithy's Vaanaprasta and Sanyas are a joke.What are you detaching from?You need to work and take care and do things as usual.Just a special status to boost your ego and make you feel better than other couples.I have seen Swami's and Vaanaprastis up close.They are just suppressed volcanoes with big talks.
    How is Nithy a liar? Here I go.He said this in many places "There is not a word for divorce in vedic culture" .If yes then why did you not talk to the couples who were getting divorced because one of them wanted to be with you?If you were here to propagate vedic culture you should have made sure that none of your disciples divorced. How much respect did he give to the institution of marriage? I have masters trying to make marriages work .I happen to experience this miracle in my life.During the initial years I hated our culture where husband was God and etc etc.In my mind divorce seemed a great option,but frankly I don't think I would have gone through with it especially because of my daughter.But inside I certainly seemed to appreciate the western culture where you let go at will.BUT today I bow down to our culture for teaching me tolerance and patience.Though divorce seems the easiest way out, the fruit of holding on and trusting the divine was the sweetest.Couples who were separating would have been together if Nithy had just asked them ONCE.He had that power.They were ready to do anything for him, leave family,job,house,parents etc.
    One compassionate master did that to me(talked to me and gave me the strength to hold on) and I will ever be grateful to him.It was my gratitude for HIM that pulled me away from Nithy. My master did not gain anything from my family being together except gratitude in our hearts.

  125. Nithyananda NemesisMay 26, 2010 at 10:20 PM

    Jesus was a selfless person had the courage to face the people

    And thus continues the delusion of humanity. You being one of the deluded ones among billions of others. In your very statement are the lessons for humanity to see what the sands of time can do. Little do we know what Jesus was crucified for. We only the know the biblical version.

    (Please please please Expose Nithyananda - do not edit or delete my comment. I implore you)

    It is easy to say let us not bad mouth other Masters, but only focus on Nithy. And yet in this very incident that is unfolding in front our eyes there is such a profound lesson for humanity to learn. But we won't. That is the nature of us. We like our fairy tales and our delusions.

    We say Jesus was so great, you can read how he fed hundreds selflessly from one loaf of bread, he walked on water, he did this or did that. Sounds wonderful doesn't it. He died for our sins. How great of him.

    And yet you see the same parallels here in Nithy too. Give it 500 years and guess what will happen? Nithy will be known as another great avatar - who went to "prison for our sins". There will 4 or 5 versions of the Nithy bible - written by Medhananada, Sachit, Bhakta and many many others. With time all the crimes that Nithy has committed will be forgotten. What will be left will be his "Living Enlightenment" and other books, his wonderful video discourses and people will only remember those. This blog and any other negative material will long be forgotten. And what you will have remaining is pure "avatar".

    You can see this happening now with OSHO. No body today even knows or cares what a scum bag he was. I was also deluded by his books not having seen him when alive or having known any of his crimes. Today he is regarded as a Saintly. Give it a few hundred more years and only the "purest" of his stuff will remain.

    Same will happen with Nithy too. And therein lies the lesson of how a Jesus, a Buddha, a Krishna are born. We know nothing about them. We only know the "pure" works - the bible, the bhagvad gita or dhamma pada that remains today. What will remain 2000 years from today? "Living Enlightenment". People will then say - there lived a great saint, a savior of mankind, but fools during those times did not recognize who he was and hence threw him in prison. People will not know that "Living Enlightenment" was basically plagiarized material from so many other books.

    Yes this will hurt and not jive well with many of you what I have just written (that is if Expose Nithyananda passes this comment through) - because you too want to live in some kind of illusion. You would rather say Nithy is a scum bag, but no no no, Jesus and Krishna or this or that were great. Really? Just you wait and see what happens to Nithy in 500 years - too bad, you and I will not be alive in this form or body till then.

    The story of religion and how it is born is right in front of your face. Nithy too will be known as the "selfless savior of mankind". Just give it 500 more years and you will have a great religion in front of you. A religion born from a rapist, murderer, crook. But regardless a great religion it will be.

    Wake up people wake up. If you want 2012 to be an year of change - that will require you to have the greatest courage to throw this garbage right out of your system. Else humanity will be stuck with many many more "Avatara purushas" who will come and defraud humanity.

  126. All right, central to the issue is Nithya experimenting with tantric techniques. Tantra had a place as one of the many spiritual paths in the great Sanatana Dharma. Somewhere along the line, during several hundred years of British/Muslim invasion of India, the attitude towards tantra has changed for the negative. We are the casuality of our history...These rotten invaders have cast us in darkness.

    It is very well established that Nithy wanted to model his gurudom after Osho, whom we know taught to rise above sexuality using tantra among other things. Now, it is clear Nithy experimented with tantra, he himself said as much in his interview with Malhotra. Probably What is wrong here is the 'lack of transparency'. He may have hid it because of fear of exactly the type of reactions people are having right now!! As it is people have quite a bit of negative attitudes hang ups about sex. Therefore it may be understandable that he hid tantric activities from the public at large but disclosed it fully and sought full consent from the participants and volunteers. If this is the case, which is quite likely would you still find it objectionable? What _should_ he have done? (not experiment with tantra at all? be secretly ashamed of our own cultural heritage because our invaders made us think that? Or should he have be open and faced the stone throwing crowd then??)

    This whole problem shows what a great harm has been done to Indian psyche. Please reflect on this as "slavery" from cultural invasion is not over even though our political freedom has been there for 60 years.

  127. " should have been a slam-dunk case, no?"
    Possibly it would be one in a system of perfect justice. I think it is likely there are many people who don't want Nithy accused of anything under any circumstances - and this hinders the process.
    "...anybody could have proven to be guilty of something or the other."
    Ultimately, yes, for nobody is perfect. Normally, however, you avoid legal charges and deal with moral ones; not all people are immoral, but none are perfectly moral, either.
    "The discussion here is not what crimes he has committed but what he has done is right or wrong."
    That is of little difference.
    "...they are just expressing, it does not mean anyone will follow it up."
    Simply put, they're ranting pointlessly. Why, then, must this blog be a place for them to dump their emotions, and not for some sensible talk?

    "Same will happen with Nithy too."
    This must be one of the deepest comments I've read in here, and yet I disagree. Nithy is, perhaps, a very well-known person in India, and may be of some importance in the States. But outside of that, in the majority of the world, he is totally unheard of. And that is why he can hardly make a worldwide religion out of his personality. Everyone's too skeptical nowadays, and well, Nithy isn't making a very impressive he-sacrificed-himself-for-us image, even though he's trying hard.
    In fact, my interaction with him was so random there was a huge chance I'd never hear even a word of him, Osho, or others of the kind.

  128. To the lady @May 26, 2010 9:52 PM
    Thanks for sharing. I agree with you marriage is a great institution. In fact Grihastashrama is better in many ways than the other ashramas and it is the "back-bone" of society as it supports _all_ other remaining ashramas. As you know brahmacharya, vanaprasta and sannyasa actually don't "produce" they only consume. It is the grihastas that support a functioning society. So please be proud of it.

    That said, Indian system has been devised such that each of us go thro all the ashramas so no ashrama is inherently bad.

    When it comes to individuals what governs when people transition from one ashrama to the other? It might be a certain stage of individual maturity and detachment with their current ashrama. Is it reasonable to expect their spouse also to be at the same stage? This is where the problem comes and it is very real.

    At this juncture, it is very debatable as to what is fair to _both_ parties in a marriage. If a person is ready to move on to another ashrama, should we let him advance or tie him down because the spouse is not yet ready to let go? Would it be fair to the sadhak? On the other hand if somebody leaves like that someone who is left behind will need to pick up the pieces. It is unfair to both parties here.

    As you can see it is difficult to take sides here. From Nithy's point of you it is damned if you do, damned if you don't. He may have chosen to _do_nothing_. Someone should ask him if he'd rethink this and feels differently.

    I think, one of the "mistakes" Nithy made probably is "doling it out" to everyone whether he/she is ready/qualified or not. I think this has come back to bite him in a big way.

    In his own words, (paraphrasing) "even if you are enlightened when you function in the world you have same 'mental setup' you had before enlightenment". Because of his young age he has a certain immaturity about him that may have caused him to overlook whole bunch of things. Please forgive him.

  129. to May 26, 2010 5pm

    "Do not assume that all men will be an idiot like nithy, who will cheat and be unfaithful to his friends.

    Do you think all men and women are immoral?"

    May be not _all_ men and women. But that's the point these people who are above this will not throw stones. (what you hate outside is also what is inside of you)

    Btw, what is being "immoral", is it merely not acting according to what is socially not acceptable? In every society these are somewhat different. Eating beef is immoral in one society but is it immoral for all society?

    I'm talking not about not about ordinary morality and ethics of a society. It is about real nature of the human animal. There are man's natural instincts and there is what the society will allow him to get away with. Question is does our biological nature care anything about the social mores we have imposed on ourselves? (not advocating sleeping around or anything, but merely pointing out our natural instincts know no rules, we are all "equal" there, you may chose to call it "immoral" and feel bad about it)

    By the way this blog is getting into real discussions for a change. We may not agree on everything but please keep it up.

  130. To the Anon time-stamped May 27, 2010 7:16 AM

    Nithy model after Osho? I agree. Even so, Nithy is guilty of massive fraud. He preached celibacy and sex only between married couples. His bramacharies and sannysins were not supposed to even masturbate - this was read many times in the 6 Nithyananda orders that I got tired of hearing - in paid workshops!

    What is Nithy guilty off - he cheated spiritual aspirants of huge sums, as while misleading them in what he was about.

    He is guilty of FRAUD - for financial gain, for slave sevak followers, and popular support.

    Osho was no saint, but at least his way of living was more consistent with his preachings.

  131. To Anon "May 26 2010, 10:20 PM"

    Quoting you: "...because you too want to live in some kind of illusion. You would rather say Nithy is a scum bag, but no no no, Jesus and Krishna or this or that were great. Really?"

    First of all even if Jesus/Krishna/Buddha are purely mythology spun out of whole cloth and they never existed, it is undeniable that they themselves or the very idea of Jesus/Krishna/Buddha has inspired billions and billions of people to be better people. That is real fact and you cannot deny that! Why should you even care if they actually lived on the earth or not? Should that be a barrier to your inspiration?

    It hasn't been only 60 years or so but can you believe a person such as Mahatma Gandhi existed? 500 years from now someone will call people are delusional because Gandhi was a pure myth and he will ask them to wake up!!!

    Instead of deriding everything as illusion, wouldn't people benefit if inspiration is allowed to happen no matter where it is coming from???

    Credit where it is due, regardless of his drawbacks Nithy had a great ability to articulate the nuances in hindu scriptures and spirituality. He has infact spent the better part of his life in pursuit of spiritual sadhana and he may have even succeeded, more than most people. I don't believe there is any dispute here.

    No matter who utters it Truth shall be unsullied, if we brush _everything_ aside then I think we short change ourselves.

  132. @MAY 27, 2010 9:39 AM

    "Btw, what is being "immoral", is it merely not acting according to what is socially not acceptable? In every society these are somewhat different. Eating beef is immoral in one society but is it immoral for all society"

    True, society does make it's rules. Sometimes i think how such rules like marriages etc came into being. I feel during the days when human where becoming a little more civilized and evolving from hunters to agricultures they must have had to face problems of mating, i mean partners for mating, the people those days felt the need to bring order so that s3x(for children) become clear, i mean if any one can sleep with anyone then how will parents of the child be recognized and thus the need for institution of marriage must have began.

    Thus the need for a social order is a must for maintaining harmony in a society.

    I have travelled to south east countries and i found that most people though being buddhist eat meat but their behavior is so sweet. Meat eating prohibited only for bhramins so that the priest is totally pure to pray for others ... pure in the sense that they dont kill other living creatures.

    I have also known people who drink but they are very helpful and better than people who dont drink.

    What iam trying to say that habits, diet etc are minor , they do not come under 'immorality'.

    I agree with you that human is weak when faced with temptations but we are all faced with such temptations the only difference is that some people are responsible and have social etiquette.

    What is important is how responsible is a human being? Will he strive to maintain harmony or create havoc by his waywardness?

    Qualities like ungratefulness, betrayal of trust, wickedness, etc define immorality.

    Nithy lost his bearings due to money and fame and lastly women.

    They(Tamil saints) say kirti(fame)kanchanam(gold)and kamini(women) bring downfall. Nithya's life is the proof that the words of the sages are true.

    "By the way this blog is getting into real discussions for a change. We may not agree on everything but please keep it up."

    My thoughts echo the same for you...

    @ MAY 27, 2010 8:39 AM

    "Simply put, they're ranting pointlessly. Why, then, must this blog be a place for them to dump their emotions, and not for some sensible talk?"

    What is is 'sensible talk' according to you?

  133. Given the subject of this blog, I would think of sensible talk as of information regarding the latest developments in Nithy's case, some kind of reports of what's been done to assist its progress, and all relevant information that the readers may be able to share.
    In fact, the last few comments dealing with more general issues aren't meaningless at all - but they're perhaps somewhat misplaced; if a blank post were made, with the comment thread specifically devoted for such discussion, it would reduce the load on more pressing posts and would make searching them a lot easier.

  134. "I agree with you that human is weak when faced with temptations but we are all faced with such temptations the only difference is that some people are responsible and have social etiquette."

    True about self-restraint and responsible conduct. It is true that most of our moral behavior is to comply with society.

    Now let's take this question a bit further. Would man's behavior would still be according to social compliance, if he _believes_ nobody is watching and society will not know. It appears to me how a man behaves in private when he believes nobody is watching shows more about what he is, than what he projects for others in public.

    Now onto the bedroom video of Nithy and Ranjita, which to many folks is enough proof that he is an immoral person, he betrayed his devotees' trust, he is a fraud etc etc.

    Granted he didn't throw her out of the room right away and he allowed somethings to happen. But one thing noticeable for sure is Nithy wasn't as active as I would have expected an average man to be.

    If a person is motivated by lust it will come through in the video, wouldn't it? An average man motivated by lust _would_have_ displayed more active participation especially if the man believes _no_one_ is watching. So here we are looking at _raw_ Nithy free to be his true self and this is what we got? kinda disappointing?

    While he is close to being like a zombie, Ms. Ranjita more than makes up for his lack of enthusiasm. (What the h*ll was going on? was it actually a sting op that she was a part of?)

    The video, bad as it looks is still far from conclusive evidence about rape, that's why it doesn't quite stand up in court. Btw, the disappointing thing is the so called s*x video doesn't show any s*x at all. What happened after lights went off is anybody's guess, for that Ms. Ranjita needs to testify.

  135. Nithyananda NemesisMay 27, 2010 at 4:59 PM

    Instead of deriding everything as illusion, wouldn't people benefit if inspiration is allowed to happen no matter where it is coming from???

    You can rest assured, in the same vein as your comment, Nithy will be known as a great Saint who inspired many. In the absence of everything else, if you pick up the book "Living Enlightenment" or hear his discourses, you will think this is a God, a Saint, an Avatar.

    Yet that is totally different from the real Rajasekaran vs the Marketing "nithyananda".

    Words are meaningless when the person who preaches them does not practice them at all. You want just words and inspirations? Sure Nithy will be in that stature 500 years from today.

    To see the point I am trying to make needs a lot of courage. I have spoken with so many ex-Nithy followers, but nobody wants to acknowledge how religions are born and yet you are witnessing the birth of a "great" religion.

    Nithyananda can be totally proven guilt, thrown into prison for life or crucified even, yet there will be enough nut jobs for whom he is God. In fact I would argue, Nithy is leaving a greater legacy than Ramana or Yogananda. Living Enlightenment - the Gospel of Nithyananda is practically like a Bible. And this will last way beyond what you or are I can fathom. And this is why Nithy walks about even today with the police with a stupid smirk. But in the larger sense, he knows he has won.

    Even if we win by getting him punished for the crimes he has committed, yet he will win in the larger sense - in how history judges him. And that to me is very sad indeed.

    At the end of the day, folks such as you and billions others just want "inspiring" words - and Nithy has given you and for humanity to come long after us, those exact words that they will continue to crave for.

    History will simply see this in a "two dimensional" way - just his books, his words, his discourses. All else will be forgotten.

    Good luck. You either see my perspective or simply don't. 99.9% do not see my perspective. I am not saying I am greater for seeing this side of things. But I have seen how religions are born. And I will live with the burden of this for the rest of this life time. As there will be the rare few who I can get this point across to.

    Finally in closing, I want to say this. If any of you (even if one of you) get enlightened, please email me at I will bet with you today - you are simply NOT going to experience any such thing at all. Simply not going to happen. Remember these words when you are at your death bed. You will spend each day for the rest of your life thinking "enlightenment is right around the corner - just a little more sadhana, just a little more puja, just a little more more this or that".

    This is the greatest lie told to mankind. This so called "enlightenment" is a myth that has been showed up our rears and we go on chasing after this thing. We experience a little "energy here" or "energy there", but you are not going to experience any so called enlightenment at all.

    Good luck!

  136. To May 27 9:10 am
    I agree with Hippie the rules on paper were not the ones that were followed.The rules were made to give a build up to the outside world.
    Even if you watch the mooladhara video he says "you may ask how can Sanyasi know or talk about sex" and then he says like the electrician knows all the connection,in the same way an enlightened master knows it all.In a way he did know that a Sanyasi was not expected to have sex.
    He misused the robe and the status of a Sanyasi.
    As a society we gave a meaning to the word Sanyasi which is always associated with celibacy.Nobody put a gun on his head he could taken some other route.But no .He knew Kavi brings respect no matter what.Hence he gave the kavi left and right to every Tom ,Dick and Harry who came to him.
    I won't forgive Nithy for what he did for the simple reason that he claimed that he was enlightened.An enlightened master would never be selfish or indifferent.If his method helps 10 but destroys even one person that he is RESPONSIBLE for the destruction of that person because that person put his trust in this master.
    Lets look at the moral aspect now.
    What is morality -killing animals,,meat,clothes,gestures these are all not the main issues.
    1-Sleeping with your friends wife,sleeping with your daughter/mother ,sleeping with your brother's wife or the other way round for women
    2-Killing a friend,a stranger
    3-promising a person in great debts that you'll get him out and then just disappearing after taking whatever is there with him
    4-raping - animal instinct at work,couldn't control

    What's wrong with any of the above choices?
    Well all of us can do any of the above.But why are we not doing it?
    Our great masters of the past came up with rules for proper functioning of the society . Nithy chose to be main stream.Which means he is bound by the rules.I challenge you to go and live in a society where the above 4 are acceptable .Please don't say what are MORAL VALUES.They are the BASE OF THE SOCIETY.Look at cars.We can say who said We have to follow the rules.Frankly we don't need to,we can drive whenever wherever,but you are one who is going to get hurt and also one who can take away lives in the process.
    Without moral values you'll be in total chaos. Yes at one point in spiritual path you'll go beyond them ,beyond good and bad but you'll also have the maturity to not endanger another person.If I try to tell my daughter at 10 yr there is nothing good or bad is it going to help her or hurt her? But if I try to tell her that at 45 yrs the understanding is different but it is still rooted in morality with acceptance of people and situations.
    With Nithy (leave murder and rape allegations aside) he tried to break the whole basic structure of the society ,which would have been ok if he had enlightened all the disciples.
    Please don't underestimate the value of society with moral values.Tomorrow if someone attacks India or any country it is people with values who are going to stand and fight and give their lives and not the ashrams.The ashrams depend on the society.The ashrams instead of feeling proud about their spiritual status have a responsibility to the society to work only for it's upliftment and not break the basic structure , if they don't then it's like feeding an enemy right in our house.

  137. to May 27 3:37 pm
    lets start with how come Ranjita felt comfortable starting the process? It's the space you give to the other person - If today I want to go to his room and hit him with a rock is he going to allow me? How did she know that she can hug him in that manner?DID YOU?
    Please don't think you are smart by asking questions about the one video that is out. Adavaith who was pretty committed sent an e-mail saying Swamiji agreed that he was giving Kalpataru darshan. The LA ashramites were told by SWAMIJI himself on phone that he slept with 100 women. (the reason why Sri Sri said he broke the AIDS rule/law )
    For a sanyasi there is no private and public life,Cinema stars can enjoy that but not Sanyasis. What's outside is what is inside otherwise he is just like any one of us.Yes he may shown restraint but that also proves he is not enlightened.
    In some speechs he said if you see women being very comfortable around a male master that means he is beyond lust and hence they don't see him as a man. What a liar, they all felt comfortable because they saw him as a man.

  138. @ MAY 27, 2010 2:35 PM

    "Given the subject of this blog, I would think of sensible talk as of information regarding the latest developments in Nithy's case, some kind of reports of what's been done to assist its progress, and all relevant information that the readers may be able to share."

    Yes i agree we need more info on the progress of the case. But let us not control the posts, lot of people want to express their feelings against nithy and we should respect that without antagonizing them, given the fact that nithy is at fault and not the people who speak against him.

    I dont think there are any meaningless post except those from nithy supporters who are trying to fight hard to be heard.

    Anyways, I hope people come forward and share information.

  139. @ MAY 27, 2010 3:37 PM

    "Would man's behavior would still be according to social compliance, if he _believes_ nobody is watching and society will not know. It appears to me how a man behaves in private when he

    believes nobody is watching shows more about what he is, than what he projects for others in public."

    This is something which depends on the individual.
    You would be surprised but there are lot of people who behave in exceptional manner even when they are alone.

    "Now onto the bedroom video of Nithy and Ranjita,..."

    Definitely nithy's video reveals a lot. For eg when he slides his hand under the shirt of ranjitha and then kisses his hand.

    You will also notice ranjitha to be very stable at that moment.

    Its simply not enough to say that nithy did not have any feelings of a normal man when his XXXX was played with.

    It is probable that he was playing cool and maybe waiting for the right moment, same goes for ranjitha during the holy hand movement.

    The video also reveals that he was very excited when he was going to pop his pill. You know when he grabs his XXXX and does the great yogic sit up.

    But surely it is not rape, we can see how ranjitha slides on to him willingly.

    Nithy playing with the lady is itself enough to conclude that something hot is going on between them. C'mon dont be so naive ... its so clear.

    Nithy's credibility was lost when he gave conflicting answers all the time.. you know like

    1. The video is morphed
    2. "I was changing" (times now interview)
    3. Sickness
    4. "In samadhi"
    5. "Tantra"
    6. "Dont know the lady"
    7. "Yes the lady is my devotee".
    8. The conversations with dharma.(he accepts having s3x).

    If nithy had some real reason he should have stuck to one answer but you can yourself judge that he killed his own chances.

    At first i thought it could have been true love and it is ok, but as more reports came .. like the signed NDA then it was clear that nithya had multiple partners.

    After the ranjitha expose anti nithya group restrained themselves in revealing others name around to avoid public humiliation. The police but have all the info and the names.

    There were few more videos ... with few other women. Nakeeran has filed an appeal to release more videos and pictures.

    This blog is just not getting the info, probably because nakeeran is in Tamil but it has lots of proof of some hanky panky activities.

    I guess as the case is in the court, Dharma and other are maintaining a low profile for the time being.

    Please understand the court will never allow anyone to be in jail if they are not sure. The police have submitted all the evidences to the court and will submit full report on June 8th.

    In any case, ample proof is there against nithy to be at least proven a fraud. He is no guru, which guru will beg and cry to his
    devotee for forgiveness? There is telephonic evidence that he barked that he will tell people that when two adult have a relationship then is is their private affair and people will have to accept it.

    He should have courageously come forward and accepted, look Tiger Woods, he is more heroic than nithya. He came forward and apologized, he dint have to but he still came forward...

  140. @ MAY 27, 2010 3:37 PM (continuation)

    Confucius felt that goodness meant courtesy in private life, diligence in public life, and loyalty in relationships.

    Nithya lacked in all three... as a spiritual guru/leader is expected to follow them.

    Nithya should have been careful as an spiritual leader he should have been diligence; he was not(all the conflicting interviews). Assuming that people are fools and will believe all what he says,just like his lectures.

    Loyalty ... he ran like a a scared criminal and left his devotee to be beaten by angry groups,he let down his devotees who believed him to be pure.

    Courtesy ; read how he threatened and bet dharma before he was going to deliver his lectures and also during his telephonic conversations.

    I feel the most for ranjitha and her family members, especially mother, father and husband. They are going through the most traumatic experience any human can ever face.

    Ranjitha is the victim, her public life has been devasted, Dharma should not be blamed as he revealed it for all others for them to wake up before they are pulled into this mess of spiritual s3x party.

  141. I am not criticizing any commentators in the blog. But I am a bit fed up with the constant exagerations. Yes Nithyananda may have had sex with the woman, although I have sex regularly, and what I saw in the video was not nearly a sex scene. Honestly, if there was a more explicit scene why not just put that? I think he might just be receiving oral stimulation in a possibly poor attempt at some kind of sex practice...

    NOw, going beyond that. People here are writing all kinds of exagerations. I took the teachers training, and gave up on the org. I never once saw Nithyananda say the way to "get ASP goers" is to identify their weakness and etc... This is such a pieace of crap. I remember clearly his instructions and they were to promote the course in yoga studios and wherever hindu things were... And to promote it as a tool to help people overcome their difficulties with more energy.

    Seriously, inferring that saying that means something else is unfair. I mean, I have taken many courses in technical and personal areas, and in all, you go exactly because you have some weakness you want to strengthen... Ignorance is weakness mind you... So every teacher is exploiting weakness? Not really.

  142. Even if Shiva was on earth, which he might well be, he will certainly not favor anyone over anyone. All life is equally precious, no? If you believe that maybe you should act more judiciously with Nithyananda too.

    It is funny, I think I am thankful for him in many ways. I learnt what I wanted, and left, and he was ok with me. NOt always nice, but also it was very clear to me what was true and what wasn't. He said once: "if people see the my real form, they will be scared, yet the energy is divine". He also thaught me how to be more free and explore my own strengths. And more importantly, after spending abotu a month in the org, I made up my mind: there cannot be much worse people than spiritual seekers...

    They are as greedy as the bankers with whom I worked in the past. It made me very calm. Very easy going. In many ways, my judgemental attitude is gone. I still voice though when things are unfair...

    So judge Nithy, but also allow yourself to be jduged. By the way, I never had any sex contact with Nithyananda. Yet, what he told me when I asked about how to overcome shyness and sexual hold ups, did help me find my wife! I am very happy for that.

    It is funny... And I never did any guru puja, guru moorthy etc. Never really thought it is needed for learning. How can praying for gurus and statues help a human being? It is believing in some ideas and trying them out that works. Believing also that you are not 100% knowing of everything, nor in control of every situation, but you know what you yourself want.

    Some wants are good, others might make you suffer in the future. But just repression is a failure... Anyway, I hope people can at least be somewhat honest.

    Most of the ashramites and people who atteneded the training with me where horrible public speakers, very shy, and usually depressed. At least half of them seemed to have overcome that... It is not like they were superstars before any Nithyananda coaching. That is what I mean... The confidence is in believing constructive things (until you find some might be destructive).

    But many now seem to speak as if they were some great personalities, full of vigor and money, and super smart and successful. Maybe 1 or 2 were. Others were there for a variety of greeds: cures, broken love, lonelyness, not enough cash, etc... That is what made me see: being around such people cannot help me be a better person.

  143. I really think the problem with lots of the involved is not even in the sex scene. It is that somehow they were hurt by someone in the org, and held that back, because of greed for spiritual power.

    If not, why you all stayed this long? If Buddha could leave every master, and go on a limb, why weren't you? And sorry, this mind control s*** is a lie. Either you believe in energy, in which case all energy is the same, and you benefited from it too. Or you don't and hence, all mind control is a lie. It is a lie used by those who were invovled to escape their own harsh judgements...

    It is a lie that allows german to say "oh, it was not racism that led us to Hitler, but mind control"... Please. I think what has happened here is that a story that does not match your expectations showed up.

    I am wondering. If this Nithyananda had actually wandered 9 years and so on, would you say then "yeah! it was worth give all my stuff away for spiritual power"? I think nothing changes the game. In fact, the only thing is you think he is God because he shared energy. Comparing this man's life to other "past masters"to whom you were never so close, you were not there, with this amount of press and info... Is that supposed to even be close to rational?

    I think now it has reached a point of lunacy. This man is evil, after being God. Yet, everyone who is commenting still seems to be craving to the same things. There is nothing unethical about their own behaviors.

    This is the point of life. If you believe in Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, even after you are robbed and trashed, the world still continues to be the same. You take the good things and leave the bad. Because ultimately, you can only look at yourself. Everything else is unknown and uncertain.

    Instead of spreading rumors and exagerations , say stuff with proofs. I would say, to some extent, the blog owner showed some promoted facts to be exagerations. But does this disqualify energy hunger or experiences? No... It just disqualifies us in some sense. Because if this guy Nithyananda was so hipnotic that you even bought the whole thing without checking, isn't he worth something just because of that?

    I would say, in hte beginning you are there for the right reasons. To learn some stuff, enjoy and so on. Some continue there (even now) for their own right reasons. Those who overstayed because they thought they will get security from life, from some other human being... They got shafted.

  144. Just to conclude. The interesting fact for me, is that after all this debacle:

    (1) I learnt more from Nithyananda than from commentators or his critics.

    (2) I never again will be involved in any kind of organized religious activity. It is pointless and attracts mostly greedy or weak people hinding behind some kind of kindness.

    (3) Humanity lacks total compassion. As soon as some glass belief is shattered human beings become so violent, they are capable of even lying to get what they want. Yes, you can say Nithyananda also lied or exagerated to get what he wants. But he is part of humanity. On the other hand though, at least he gave something in exchange... Some energy experience or some meditation teaching or at least some fun filled evenings... This was way better than TV or sitting with one of the whinny devotees at home.

    (4) Devotees were always scary to me. The constant prodding and jockeying for position. I met and interacted a bit with some of the commentators. They were no different than even Bhaktananda. He was a empowered lunatic. But still far from being evil. He was rude, and harsh, and was like some of the devotees before being given some bit of power... I would say most people there were like him. If they rose to "leadership", they will be also rude, pushing, and selling the crap out of having time with Nithyaanda.

    (5) Only one thing I miss from that time: it was true that you never knew what wouldn't happen in the classes. it was fun. Some crazy people would claim many experiences. You yourself may have some energy experience. The stories were fun. The whole week went by pretty quickly. Yeah, there was the "working overtime" going on... But nobody was forced to. iN any case, that was never a problem for me. I love working. Be it at my current job (work 7 days a week, 10 hours at least per day), or at volunteering. I was there just for the fun of it. And who knows to catch something to learn or something more.

    (6) For all the crap said about Nithyananda, I should say, I did learn a lot from his commentaries. I have read and lived in other ashrams too. But he was the first one to dismistify many things, and made me realize, life is beyond this for me. I am not Siddharta, seeking enlightenment and so on. I am just myself, and have my small life to live. That is enough for me. He was also the first one to NEVER ask me if I was a brahmin, if my family was this or that, or even if I had this or that, or if I made this much or that much... That is my experience... Maybe others had other experiences.

    I do believe in enlightenment because of Nithyananda. And I do believe more in God. It is unshakeable now. It is funny isn't it? Before I was just onto science. But I also believe life is just small little things. And I am happy with that.

  145. One thing to understand is - had it not been for the expose of the video or episode, nobody would have known this side of Nithy. I am sure many of the close ashramites / disciples were equally surprised to see their Master in a compromising position. They may claim he wanted to be like Osho etc... but he never projected this side either in public or in close quarters. He projected himself as a bramhachari/monk/sanyasi. And that is where the deception starts. If you want to be like Osho, be so openly, why preach something and be something totally different? And of course, lieing to the faithful is a total NO. An enlightened person is one who stands with "Truth" regardless of consequence(since Truth will protect)...not Lie-ing to save skin or to avoid controversy.

    A Master is one who shows the way - if he lies, then the disciples would follow his footsteps. What kind of divine society are you creating with such a Master?

  146. To Anon who said: "Please don't say what are MORAL VALUES.They are the BASE OF THE SOCIETY"

    Don't get me wrong, moral values are necessary. What is being pointed out is average human being when he acts often times falls well short of the moral standards. Therefore we cannot judge our neighbor as an "immoral fellow" because most of us don't measure up as well. Granted it is all only a matter of degree.

    Can people behave spontaneously good, without _trying_ to be good for society, without trying to play by moral code. Do we need to be constantly "reined" in and beaten over the head with moral values?

    Btw, all this external _imposition_ of moral values is a dismal failure. The porn industry, alcohol, prostitution etc are huge multi-billion$ industry. All the moral values so far has only managed to keep a lid on this stuff and barely succeeding at it... At the first sign of trouble all h3ll breaks loose.

    Bottom-line is even though the average human knows very well he doesn't quite measure up to the moral standards, he doesn't hesitate one bit to throw stones on the fellow man for not quite measuring up... So don't abolish moral values but be forgiving of the fellow man when he slips and has a great fall.

  147. "Nithy's credibility was lost when he gave conflicting answers all the time.. you know like"

    Agreed. For complete loss of credibility after the video expose' Nithy can thank his "inner-circle" handlers. All his handlers are the corporate-types who f**ked up the aftermath trying to do "damage-control".
    All their corporate training has taught them how to bob and weave, weasel out a non-apology apology, how to obfuscate, stonewall, parse and dance around. In short do everything to avoid being straight, upfront and truthful.

    Apparently Malhotra did an interview where Nithy lays it all down, the NDAs the tantric practice the whole works. Airing the interview was vehemently opposed by Nithy's "handlers" (because that would mean being too truthful??!) They missed an opportunity at getting ahead of the story when the media at large didn't even know about the NDA. Eventually the NDA and tantric stuff all came out. It was lot more damaging after their attempted damage-control!! :-)

    I'm sure Nithy got another bad advice around running and hiding. He is in jail today not because he is a convict but because HE FAILED TO APPEAR in court!! How stupid is this? Nithy could have presented himself at the court and may even have bargained for a 'house-arrest' type situation. Now he is in lady's jail without bail. (Which judge is stupid enuf to grant bail after Nithy demonstrated he could flee!!!? he aint getting any bail!!)

    Nithy ought to do himself a favor by cutting himself loose from his corporate-lacky inner circle devotees. Just do not listen to them and avoid them like the plague. They have done far more damage to him by giving him bad advice, than the people standing outside criticizing Nithy.

  148. To anon who said, "This is the greatest lie told to mankind. This so called "enlightenment" is a myth that has been showed up our rears and we go on chasing after this thing."

    c'mon, you gave up already? :-) If you haven't been exposed to UG krishnamurthy, you might want to try him, you have a highly resonant wavelength with him!

    What never ceases to amaze me is the "energy experience" people reportedly have is now so cheap and commonplace. At least that's the impression I get from your statement a "little energy here and there". Many have been inspired to go for more. For them "energy experience" is proof enough that greater things await and Awakening is a possibility.

    Btw, how many of you actually had an energy experience with Nithy and now begin to doubt the validity of it? Or can you acknowledge the validity of the experience and still doubt Nithy?

  149. Ex-devotees & Ashramites, do you find any of the following to be true? This was written by one spiritual teacher who was against spiritual organizations. if you want more:

    "Merits and Demerits of Organizations

    The emotional and devotional seekers of Truth think that if they join a spiritual group, organization or hermitage, this will expedite their spiritual growth, or help them to make quick progression in their spiritual endeavors.These feelings in them are natural and normal.

    But when they actually join an organization, they find out that a lot of work is involved, and, contrary to their expectations, they do not have enough time to meditate.

    This is not the mere logical deduction, inference or intellectual speculation of the author, who himself had direct experience in his young days studying and living with others in a hermitage (without joining formally and officially), and who witnessed and experienced firsthand what organizations could offer.

    During the devotional seekers’ sojourn in the hermitage, they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, having no time for actual meditation, and they become disillusioned. At this point, the honest seekers will leave the organization and seek out the right lifestyle to pursue the spiritual path.

    Some seekers develop interest in name and fame and hang around the organization for a while. They engage in a play of power and, if they lose, then they split from the main organization and start their own new organization and become the head.

    Others stay on in the organization as they have established an easygoing lifestyle and are afraid to venture out. They are haunted by feelings of insecurity and are so weak that they cannot consider leaving their secure way of life together with the other hermits.

    The organized way of religious groups provides an opportunity for the general public to promote their religious life in society, apparently. Society has developed this notion that living in the spiritual communities or organizations will enhance their spiritual progress."

  150. As I mentioned on this blog and Guruphiliac several times before. I had experienced Nithy's occult powers or so called "energy experience". And I know he is a wicked crook - as evidenced by his deception and cruelty to many who trusted him.

    Here is a powerful story of be ex-devotee who had "energy experience" with Nithy:

  151. ""Can people behave spontaneously good, without _trying_ to be good for society, without trying to play by moral code. Do we need to be constantly "reined" in and beaten over the head with moral values?

    Btw, all this external _imposition_ of moral values is a dismal failure. The porn industry, alcohol, prostitution etc are huge multi-billion$ industry. All the moral values so far has only managed to keep a lid on this stuff and barely succeeding at it... At the first sign of trouble all h3ll breaks loose. """

    It is because of people who try to respect moral values that our society is at least in this state.Any act done with pure selfishness is immoral.At least with the lid the poison is not out into the society.
    Do you think Nithy's techniques for lust help in eradicating the above? No it does not.
    If not Moral values what do you think is going to help? I am not judging people.But growing up with moral values gives you inner strength.You learn some control from a young age.
    When I was growing up my mom had many rules.I hated them .As soon as I got married I tried to do everything that I always wanted to.At one point I also saw porn.But you know what I never enjoyed them.I saw only one or two.I only thought about what kind of state those people must be to really have this for a living or fun.I connected with the people inside the bodies rather than the graphic aspect of things.The credit goes to the values.They helped me discriminate.

    Do you think that we'll get an understanding of what do to just like that ? I am sorry that doesn't happen. Nithy's method is a total failure.Don't do things with conscience but with consciousness,which means you can lie and get away with it.If the other person feels betrayed THEN THAT"S HIS PROBLEM BECAUSE HE IS NOT IN CONSCIOUSNESS. That takes responsibility for everything away from our hands .
    It doesn't matter weather it's conscience or consciousness as long as you care.Don't underestimate conscience.It is the first stepping stone.I have children of my own.I don't tell them god will punish you if you don't do things right but rather give them an understanding of the consequences.My daughter lies to me and then in half an hour she comes and tell me the truth.She tells me I was afraid of telling you but I don't want to lie.Here is a soul trying to build relationships by falling and tripping but yet having the courage to come and tell me the truth.In the end she knows I mean well.Though she may say she is afraid of me she is more afraid of her conscience inside.In the end she has to face herself.
    I also heard this in lot of speeches,you study for marks or to get better grades than your competitor but never enjoyed it.Very lucky few really enjoy studying in childhood,for others who don't if they are not guided properly they would not know what to do with themselves.They will get hooked to tv or computers or other worse things.No matter what without education very few people succeed.Not everyone is going to be bill gates.

    Today after getting a job and everything and saying do things with consciousness is great but how do you give it to a child who has just started ?I am thinking, how I would tell a five year old study with consciousness and awareness not for your teacher or good marks or good grade.Study because you want to.(He'll get it right?)

    As far as Nithy and his ashramites are concerned they are far away from conscience and even more away from consciousness.With more awareness I should have seen more love and compassion and truth and no SECRETS.

  152. @ MAY 28, 2010 8:47 PM

    "They have done far more damage to him by giving him bad advice, than the people standing outside criticizing Nithy."

    Dear friend ...

    An enlightened guru who has spoken hours on samadhi and many other spiritual truths, who
    says' that "my real form cannot be seen etc..." NEEDS advice from mortals?

    The one who advises others to live fearlessly runs like a coward BECAUSE his devotees were afraid that he will be hacked?

    The one who grants great spiritual insights to others by his supreme energy cannot make his own decisions? Yes he does and he gets himself into difficulty.

    @ Dear Raul

    Thanks for providing an excellent insight in to many aspects related to nithya and the ashram.

    There are many motivation speakers who do better job in inspiring people , you must have heard of Shiv Kher, he speaks as well as these gurus but he does not take them on a high ride.

    If you have spent on his courses then you BETTER be happy(in lighter vein), 'cause then depression is just a few feet away.

    The problem is that you have gone away from the all spiritual organisations and thats the main crime of nithya. He has brought about this negativity by his waywardness.

    Not only you but many others i know, dont like to attend any ashrams and have given up all efforts to even approach them.

    You have been positively gained, that is good, wouldn't it would have been better if nithya was just a motivational speaker than a god figure ? Many more would have been inspired and progressed.

    @ Dear MAY 28, 2010 8:27 PM

    "So don't abolish moral values but be forgiving of the fellow man when he slips and has a great fall."

    Ok, you say we have to forgive the one who 'falls'. Please make clear what do you understand as 'fall'. Are murderers , rapist and other criminals too come in this bracket.

    What do you mean by forgiveness? Is it that we all should stop visiting the blog, accept him as the savior of mankind or welcome him in our hearts?

    Has nithya done anything which warrants our sympathy. He refuses to reform in spite of all the evidences.

    Dont get me wrong, people like you are very rare, you would have been excellent citizens living in Utopia with love, forgiveness and peace in your hearts.

    But coming to the real world , con men, trickster etc have developed innovative ways to separate you from your rational mind and your money. Every day thousands get cheated they are hurt and devastated.

    Today criminals draw more sympathy from people than the victims, why? because gullible people
    believe that if we forgive we can reform the criminal.

    You know then what happens, someone from their family has an ugly encounter with the criminal and then his blood boils, then he cries for the blood of the criminal.

    Society needs tough laws and punishments to protect its people.

  153. "I dont think there are any meaningless post except those from nithy supporters who are trying to fight hard to be heard."
    I have to disagree. They do make redundant comments pretty often, but at times they bring some creativity into the discussion. (See the May 27, 3:37 PM post, which the majority of readers thinks has come from a Nithy supporter.)
    Besides, it's either free speech all the way or none at all - you can't get between these.
    "There is telephonic evidence..."
    Textual evidence, I presume. Or is there an audio recording available?
    "If you want to be like Osho, be so openly, why preach something and be something totally different?"
    Because you ain't getting much money if you repeat what's already been offered once. At the very least, you have to make something new, something that looks like your personal work out of it, while giving credit to the classics at the same time. The reason is very practical.

  154. "(6) For all the crap said about Nithyananda, I should say, I did learn a lot from his commentaries. I have read and lived in other ashrams too. But he was the first one to dismistify many things, and made me realize, life is beyond this for me. I am not Siddharta, seeking enlightenment and so on. I am just myself, and have my small life to live. "

    Raul, good for you. Looks like you have managed to get over the bad stuff and gain some good out of the whole experience. To take the good and leave behind the bad is the most intelligent way to live. In this world there is _always_ going to be a mix of good and bad, it seems it is the nature of things. So no use holding our breath for one true messiah/guru to come and save us. We have to save ourselves, learn what we can and move on.
    If we are receptive enough we can learn from any person, situation or predicament.

    To call Jesus again, either I can choose to study "the sermon on the mount" and take it to heart, learn from it and inspired by it or I can look down upon Jesus as "false prophet", someone who slept with Mary Magdalene, who was a certified prostitute.

    One of my choices uplifts me and helps me the other choice drags me through the mire of contempt, derision, hatred and even anger. What should I choose? As it has always been the choice is mine. I take the responsibility for what I choose to learn, how I progress and how I evolve.

  155. "Please make clear what do you understand as 'fall'. Are murderers , rapist and other criminals too come in this bracket."

    When you refer to criminals etc., obviously you think of those _other guys_ not oneself right? If by unfortunate circumstance you find yourself in that situation what would you do? wouldn't you forgive yourself and expect to be forgiven? or at least be understood?

    From what we know from various sources all humans are pretty much equal, genetically and spiritually what's different is the layers of conditioning and ignorance. Worse cases have happened were people were accused, convicted, served many years in jail and sometimes they were absolved due to new evidence. Notion of crime, punishment & justice is very tricky at best.

    On the notion of "An enlightened guru who has spoken hours on samadhi ...NEEDS advice from mortals?"

    I have thought about this also, to me it is hard to judge these things, what is the scale here? We have all sorts of notions _about_ enlightenment, unless we have experienced anything like it ourselves I think we are just imagining things. I'll give you couple of examples...

    Ramana Maharishi's house was ransacked by thieves one night, since they didn't find anything worthwhile they got angry and beat him up. One could say, if he is enlightened why didn't he see it coming?? or by some "magic" change their minds about their evil intentions etc?

    Both Ramana Maharisi and Ramakrishna had serious physical ailments that ultimately led to their demise, cancer if I'm not mistaken. One could say, well aren't they supposed to be enlightened? they are supposed to be GOD right? why do they get sick in the first place? and even if they do can't they cure themselves??

    We can pick other examples from other masters that are equally puzzling, it is very difficult to judge things we don't quite understand.

    Forgetting the so-called enlightenment status, even "earthly" masters like Gandhi did some experiments on brahmacharya that'll put Nithy video to shame. (please feel free to look it up).

  156. He should have courageously come forward and accepted, look Tiger Woods, he is more heroic than nithya. He came forward and apologized, he dint have to but he still came forward...

    Ha! Tiger woods, "more heroic"? You're naive, aren't you?

    While I don't disagree that the Nithy PR strategy was an all-out disaster, and he definitely should have adopted a PR strategy like that of Tiger Woods, do you know why Tiger Woods held his sham press conference?

    Tiger Woods' sponsors (Gillette et al) were dropping him like a hot potato. He wasn't good for their business anymore. Each of Woods' endorsement contracts were worth multimillion dollars. Nike alone reportedly paid him $100 million dollars in endorsement fees.

    That is the real reason (and you can bet he consulted with his savvy, high-priced lawyers prior to orchestrating his publicity stunt). It had very little to do with personal remorse. Ask his ex-wife.

    Bottom line: Money makes the world go 'round.

  157. There seem to more posting from brainwashed Nithy supporters trying to appear neutral and pretending to bring in a "balanced view".

    By the way, please don't confused Mary Magdalene, an intimate disciple of Jesus with a sex worker of the same name.

    Even if Jesus it is the same Mary Magdalene, it does not reflect badly on Jesus. It only shows that Jesus had transform an outcast into a very close disciple, and possibly his consort. Only the truly great can accept an outcast into his/her inner circle.

  158. @ MAY 29, 2010 3:34 PM

    "When you refer to criminals etc., obviously you think of those _other guys_ not oneself right? If by unfortunate circumstance you find yourself in that situation what would you do? wouldn't you forgive yourself and expect to be forgiven? or at least be understood?"

    Very good! So you want me to create a hypothetical situation and express my sentiments?

    Well, why dont you step in the shoes of ranjitha's family and think about the pain and humiliation they are going through. You know,
    Like someone from your family is sexually molested by promising enlightenment...

    Shri Ramana Maharisi and Shri Ramakrishna never lied and never had sex with their devotees, throwing their names around wont get you anywhere here.

    Speaking of Gandhi Ji, at least he had the courage to write his experiences for all to learn from him. he was a follower of truth ... all other talks about his character is in bad taste.

    "pick other examples from other masters that are equally puzzling"

    Thats escapism, you want to study those masters who are not alive... they did a lot for many people and they were pure. Please stop using the names of such great masters without any tangible proof of their misconduct.

    In front of us lies the solid proof of a 'master' and he has fallen down because of his own undoing. You are in love with nithy so be it ... but your efforts to bring about a great emotional support for this man will go in vain.

    @ MAY 29, 2010 6:55 PM

    "Ha! Tiger woods, "more heroic"? You're naive, aren't you?"

    Its better to be naive then be blind !

    I wrote about Tiger Wood as an example for people to know that speaking truth draws sympathy.

    Tiger Woods is a sportsman, and if he has lot in stake then what about the 'godly guru' nithy? Dint he have anything to lose?

    I wrote about a positive aspect of Tiger Woods but nithy supporters are writing about the negatively about great masters.

    But you saw it fit to reply to my small comment on Tiger Woods...

    @ Hippie MAY 30, 2010 12:35 AM

    Unfortunately thats the fact, in the garb of neutral visitors, nithy supporters are trying to force their perverted thoughts.

    Throwing names of Lord jesus, Shri Ramana, Shri ramakrishna and others to support nithya actions is not the way to justify nithy.

    Raul's post had some real sense, as a ex- devotee he had some good points and some negative points to share. I hope nithy supporters try to be more careful what they write... people who are reading their post will only try to go away from nithy than support him.

    @ Expose Nithyananda

    I am sure you are enjoying the comments posted by nithy 'neutral' supporters and all. I think its time you gets some new info on this blog.

  159. One more point on Woods, as he is a suitable analogy.
    Woods is one of the most important people in golf, if not the most important one. Without him, tournaments lose lots of viewers and the entire sport is deprived of the driving force that brings it money. (Yep, money does run the world.)
    Formally, he was expected to come out with a public apology. Actually, if he simply announced he was coming back to golf, everyone would gladly accept him back - and as soon as he began winning Majors the sponsors would flock back to him, regardless of the effort the media took to bury him and of whether he ever apologized or not.
    Nithy's situation is a lot worse. He's not the only man in the field; if he stumbled there were other businessmen ready to take over. He did, but nobody except those cheated by him cares. That's why he had to restore his reputation from scratch, and that's where his PR team flopped.

  160. Me and my husband have been involved with helping the mission for past 4-5 years, and I regret to the core for supporting this idiot. If he is not punished by law, nature would punish him and he would die in some accident for sure. And it would be better for people who inspite of numerous proofs against his ill deeds still support him and believe him. Next question comes to mind is that even those people are from the same world as his, having same $h!t feelings of exploiting in the name of spirituality - making huge money and enjoying the pleasures of multiple sexes with multiple partners in the name of tantra and enlightenment which a normal person would not be able to do. I think if he is not in jail and outside, people would have beaten him up to death till now. He is not less than a terrorist in the name of religion and spirituality. Those terrorists kill people, and this one rapes girls and cheats the divine feelings of other innocent people in the name of tantra and enlightenment. I pray with my whole being that by the good work I have done till now and whatever truth and honesty and purity I have in me, I pray that he doesn't exist anymore on mother earth. He is polluting our society and should be punished severely for sure.

  161. Dear all,

    In Gandhiji's case, it's a clear case of a Master's 'Walk-in' and the transformation was very quick... with experiments of truth.. but in Nithy's case, it's a clear case of self-denying of his so called Avatarhood soon after this sleaze video leakage and a clear 'Walk-out' case as soon as he went into hiding !!
    He should be put on the lie-detector test, GDV camera analysis of his consciousness(for more details write to npshanker@yahoo or ) and AMI machine - Acupuncture meridian system and chakra analysis to reflect on his current status.... and made public asap to resolve this case to the remaining core Nithy supporters.

    CBI team can use this info and take it forward.

  162. Just a simple human, limited minded observation:

    "Criticism or comments that go against Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Jesus Christ, and world-recognized religions will probably never see the light of day."

    Is it a coincidence that none of them lived in the times of information scrutiny (1960's and onwards)? TV and now the internet, have really destroyed any chance of a man becoming a Buddha. Too many details, even small differences of opinion or slip ups, plus, competing orgs will definitely not allow you to have a clean score card like those great man who lived in previous eras.

    There is greatness in the present too. Even Tiger Woods is a great golfer, Kobe bryant a great bball player. But they did have personal problems. And so it goes...

  163. "Even if Jesus it is the same Mary Magdalene, it does not reflect badly on Jesus. "

    Amen to that. The point is not about Jesus or any of the other masters. The discussion is about US.

    We have the supremely enlightened words from Jesus on one hand and on the other side we have what is commonly viewed as immoral behaviors.

    Choice is still ours, we can take the meaningful words from Jesus or discard all of them. If we discard his good words because certain things he did may be viewed as immoral then it is our loss not his.

    btw, needless to say even today many people, surprisingly people of the Jewish faith do not accept him as a prophet and they consider him as a fake and a fraud.

    This has happened time and again, where
    One man's prophet is another man's fraud!

    The rest of us regular folks are not in a position to judge who is enlightened and who isn't. What is our qualification anyway? Once we ourselves have reached that place then may be we'll know.

    Till then whoever helps as take a step further and improve ourselves there is nothing wrong in taking a little bit of good along the way. We may have to wade through the swamp to pick an occasional lotus. Good luck!

  164. Dear Nithy,

    See Swami's Rama's conduct in a similar case below and learn how to avoid further damages to yourself - financially and publicly and do the right thing by speaking the truth to the CBI and the public asap !!

    Sexual Misconduct Controversy of Swami Rama in USA :

    On September 4, 1997 in the United District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania a jury returned an award against the defendant Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy of the U.S.A. (“Himalayan Institute”) in the amount of $275,000 in compensatory damages and $1.6 million in punitive damages for the sexual misconduct of the Himalayan Institute's former “spiritual leader,” Brijkishor Kumar, popularly known as the “Swami Rama.” Answering special verdict questions, the jury found that Swami Rama (a) had engaged in sexual relations with the plaintiff who was 19 years old at the time of the sexual abuse; (b) had abused his position as the plaintiff's guru to secure her consent to the sexual relations; ( c) had breached the standard of care and fiduciary duties inherent in the relationship between him and the plaintiff; (d) had intentionally inflicted emotional distress on the plaintiff; (e) had acted maliciously and with conscious disregard for the welfare of the plaintiff; (f) and was acting within the scope of his agency relationship with the Himalayan Institute when engaging in sexual relations with Patel. In addition to holding the Himalayan Institute liable for compensatory and punitive damages on a respondent superior theory, the jury also imposed direct liability on the Institute, finding that (a) it had been negligent in allowing Swami Rama to be a sexual predator for a number of years; (b) the actions and inactions of Himalayan Institute constituted the intentional infliction of emotional distress; and (c) the Himalayan Institute had acted maliciously and with conscious disregard for the welfare of the plaintiff.[10]

    Swami Rama, in relation to accusations made against him while alive, said "Do not defend me" as part of the discipline of Asian yogis to live up to the ideal of non-violence.

  165. I have not heard from the blog lady for a long time. May be she joined the cult once again.
    Nithy must have contacted her and made an offer she cant refuse. She probably took off with the money and left us hanging.

    Ok Blog lady please reply if you haev not joined the Cult.

  166. I saw in the dhyanapeetam website that Gurukul is open for admissions. Who in their right mind will send their kids here now? I pray to the almightly to save these deluded people who are still trusting this guy! btw, this blog is becoming boring now. Nothing new for past 1 month? C'mon ExposeNithyananda - we need new stuff!

  167. Mr Medha and Mr Sachit are in the LA temple. These people should be evicted from this country so that there are no chances of furthering the DIRTY MISSION atleast in USA

  168. I happen upon this article from Orange on "How to Deprogram Yourself" that I feel may be relevant to those considering leaving a movement:

  169. I watched some videos of Bangalore ashram inmates. They were talking about different groups of inmates; Grihaprasta, Vanaprasta, Sanyasi(ni), Brahmachari(ni) etc. What are these categories?

    Typically what is the daily, monthly routine of these folks? What is the road map for these people; say, where will they be in ten years?

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions.

  170. Much more going on outside Nithy.
    Shortcut To Nirvana - Film on Kumbh Mela

  171. Let's not lose track...they've got a lot of $$$ in India and right amount of money to the right people in India can get you out of "Biiiiiiggg" troubles.
    LA and OH centers (uh..temples) are waiting for Bhaktananda's arrival to sort things out! Key people in US are trying hard to hold onto hardcore (completely brainwashed) followers. Through a grapewine....someone in LA is collecting signed petition for Nithy's release appeal!!!

    all hardcore Nithy followers should see the video at
    just to realize how similar his tactics are.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  172. Om Namah Shivaya,

    Raul @MAY 30, 2010 12:59 (and other comments we decided not to post), you are a deluded idiot. The lies, sexual exploitation, the behavior, the fraud, the 7.1 million dollars, etc. is so thick... yet you tried to sidetrack the issue and come up with new red herrings, beat up holy straw-men, and confuse the issues. Just one example of yours (that we decided to post) was in regards to post compared Nithyananda to the sex scandals of Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. These two athletes are entertainers. They never claimed to be saints, to wander nine years, and become enlightened, which made the above the worldly matters of being rich and having sex.

    Even if you compare Nithyananda to other athletic cheats like Barry Bonds, with his use of steroids, is missing the point. At least there was talent with Barry Bonds, and he 'enhanced' it with the use of illegal drugs, which is still cheating. Nithyananda, on the other hand, has nothing saintly about him. There is nothing to enhance or improve. Nithyananda is the lowest scum and deserves to be behind bars for the rest of his life for all the crimes he has done. Supporters like yourself also deserve to be prosecuted in the court of law.

    All of the 'knowing' Nithyananda supporters also deserve lengthy prison sentences so they will stop this nonsense and deter other 'holy' frauds from ever doing these crimes again.

    Raul, please understand, your comments are no longer welcomed here. They don't even make good comment fodder.

    Jai Maa.

  173. To the anonymous who wanted to know about the sanyas dikshas given at the ashram.

    In March 2008, when nithyananda was giving discourses on Shiva sutra, he was saying that sanyas is the only way to reach enlightenment stage. He said,its a sin if you don't take sanyas after you are 50 even if you are married.

    On 2 nd April, 2008, there was a vig diksha program at the bididi ashram temple. many young boys and girls were given poornabishekam diksha which is pre requisite to sanyas. married singles were given tantrabishekam , a prerequisite to vanaprastha sanyasam.

    The instructions were the same for both: Those who had taken the diksha

    1)should not touch another soul. if they accidentally touch they had to bathe immediately.
    2) should live with minimum comforts
    3) The youngsters should not even have wet dreams and even masturbation is strictly prohibited. The married ones should not touch their spouse.
    4)should do guru puja at least twice a day.
    5) all sorts of food restrictions
    6) should wear white all the time
    7) should serve in the ashram
    8)should keep changing the place of sleep at least thrice a week. this is to ensure we don't get attached and accustomed to a lifestyle.
    and other stuff.

    all these were to be followed for two years. but after nine months, all were asked to remove the sacred thread that was given during the diksha and that was it. nothing after that. no explanation.

    As I was part of this nonsense I know this is what happened. I don't know about other sanyas dikshas.

  174. "Supporters like yourself also deserve to be prosecuted in the court of law."
    When you say "deserve", does it have any legal grounds or does it simply come from your judgment?

  175. Hello blog owner,

    How are you? I am also dissapointed the way things are happening in the court system. Nithy is going to go scot free this time. His time has not come yet. He will be out and after few months of lying low they will be back out very forcefully and daringly comitting more obvious fraud. This is some thing like a gangester after beating the rap the first time will start thinking that he is untouchable and start doing things more blatantly.

    Nithy and his gang of scoundrels will do more daring things like murder and rape in a more blatant way and will be cought. It is just a question of time. Life has a way to get even, and nithy is no exception.

    Long live Dharma.


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* * NEW * * : You must respect the victims that have come forward. They have withstood false criminal charges, lawsuits, death threats, criminal intimidation, and heaps of humiliation. There's been no gain and lots of pain. The victims that have come forward don't need any more stress. Therefore, anything more than the first name and last initial of a known victim will not be posted 'as is'. Either it will be changed or deleted outright.

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