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Friday, December 7, 2012

Part 1: Nithyananda Goes Cruising for Bruising, 2012 Style

Holy Tour Guide Sex Swami Nithyananda Charges His Followers $10,000 U.S.D. Each for a Luxury Cruise with a 2012 Spirituality Theme
Jai Parmesan Sri, Sri Nithyananda Salami Ki Jai!

Hi Sri Nithyananda, how are you doing? OK, we know that you, Salami Nithyananda, have disappeared. What has it been, 49 days missing from your ashram in Bidadi and 51 days on Twitter? Time does fly. But, the holy 2012 holiday edition of Living Enlightenment for all your rich and lucky followers to fork over $10,000.00 U.S.D. each, that's still on? Boy, that must be some date. 12-12-12. Hmmmm. That's 6-6-6 times two. Very auspicious indeed.

And, where will this 2012 / 12-12-12 holiday edition of Living Enlightenment be held, Parmesan Nithyananda? On a luxury cruise ship? Wow, none of your followers ever have to rough it like you did during your alleged wandering sanyasi (monk) years. You, Sri Nithyananda, remember... where you did all those legendary things barefooted for 10 year, then it was revised down to six years, but you were really hanging out at the Ramakrishna Mutt the whole time. But, back to your tour guide duties, Mr. Nithyananda.... we bet that the cruise ship is full of amenities. Let's look on your site... there's an indoor and an outdoor pool, open bars, gym, a disco, dining and snack facilities, sunbathing, yoga mats, and plenty of private beds, which makes it the perfect get away for spiritual training and instant enlightenment.

Gee, King Nithyananda, you are so resourceful. Even though you have been banished from the Holy Brothel of Bidadi and the land-rich vacation villa of Madurai Adheenam, you, Oh Great One, have found away to still conduct Inner Awakening, and do so on a luxury cruise line. We bet all those ancient saddus (renunciant monks) from the past would just turn green in envy (or maybe in disgust). Lots of followers, lots of luxury. Why even L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame along with his Sea Organization would find this too good to be true.

Oh, Holy Tour Guide, let's tune into a few of your promotional videos, shall we?

Nithyananda's Canned Inner Awakening; Just Add Coins

That very sincere and almost human voice surely convinces us that signing up for Inner Awakening will be the right thing to do. Gee, Sri Nithyananda, we always went about getting more energy the wrong way. In the past, we tried chugging coffee to get 1,300 percent more energy, but now just by attending, we'll get the same results. Totally percolating! And, even though we don't have all those diseases that that coin-operated machine mentioned, we do have about six of them. Can we still attend? We can't wait to be hugged by you, Sri Nithyananda. Feel our embrace.

And, look, here's the 2012 Holiday Edition of Inner Awakening. So nice of that human plant, Mr. Subramaniam, from San Jose, California to stage you, Salami Nithyananda, a slow ball to hit out of the ballpark. Gee, Mr. Subramaniam made you look like Barry Bonds. Totally authentic. And, Sri Nithyananda, you do remember San Jose, do you? We bet it brings up blissful engrams in your bio-memory. Let's watch you answer Mr. Subramaniam's sincere question now, shall we?

Nithyananda Sells the Sizzle of Inner Awakening

Wow, Your X-celency (X-293) Salami Nithyananda, from this video we learned that during your Akashic Readings, 10,000 Nithyananda's are expressing through one Nithyananda body. Boy, won't some lucky room service lady get jolt that night. And, attending this December 2012 Inner Awakening will be equal to attending 108 Inner Awakenings. Golly, Sri Nithyananda, your multi-level marketing efforts will just soar! All those lucky graduates who already forked over thousands of dollars for a past Inner Awakening program will gladly fork over an additional $10K per head. Add airfare, accommodations, and required donations afterwards, and the price can easily go up to $15,000.00 U.S.D. per person. A family of four might be out $60,000. Add in lost income, spent vacation, and additional travel costs, and these families will be ready to be true sanyasis, that's if you, Sri Nithyananda, count having big debt and no means to pay it off the same as freedom. We hope none of your followers had to quit their jobs just to attend this auspicious occasion. Then again, if the world ended, and only they survived, then all that cash might have been well spent. Sri Nithyananda, if your followers were the only ones to survive a 2012 disaster, will this cause a new species to occur on planet earth or will dumb apes just get a new makeover?

And, this next video of yours, Parmesan Nithyananda, is the grand finale! Now, we want to join that cruise with all our pocketbook!

Nithyananda's Infomercial: Inner Awakening in Cruise Control

Yes! That's our favorite video of yours, Oh Great One, Ex-293, Fired Pontiff Nithyananda. That music is really rock'n. Is it the sound track of the Disco Omen? Let's quote some of your pearls of wisdom, shall we?:
"The visualizations are getting processed in your brain without instigating any verbalization." (Hmmm. Does that mean you, Sri Nithyananda, will shut up and just let us have some peace?)

"And without getting converted as verbalization. That is the state that I call exactly as restful awareness."

"Between December 12-12-12 and January 2nd, 2013, the whole world is going to experience this space."
Hmmmm. There's a small problem here, Salamander Nithyananda. If the whole world is going to experience this state, then why do us followers have to pay $10,000 a pop just to be around you, Oh Great One? Couldn't they just stay home, save all that money and time and get the same spiritual benefits? And, take a simple nonverbal communications skills tip from us. Next time, you, Sri Nithyananda, might not want to circumnavigate your ear with your index finger. We know that you, Salami Nithyananda, were only demonstrating the processing of your brain, but well, it has a certain regional meaning in the U.S. It's just crazy; maybe you, Mr. Nithyananda, are just giving us a visualization without needing to verbalize anything.

And, what about all those empty seats in the video spinning around the ship's facilities? Aren't these seats supposed to be filled? Even if you, King Nithyananda, make the Kamalakars happy and invite Clint Eastwood (a renown, but not so respected Republican), he can only utilize one empty chair. But, there's a whole sea of them. Hmmmm... is this the prelude to another mystery of mysteries? A real who-done-it? Suspense.

And, Sri Nithyananda, we can't wait to learn more about this cruise ship and the cruise line and everything! Can we come, and be a regular passenger like the other tourists on the ship? We promise not to get in the way, and only use the swimming pool after you enlightened everyone inside there. Can we? Please!!!!!!

To be continued...

Follow your dharma. Use your common sense. Listen to your inner-conscience, and follow the Truth. Come out of this trap, and escape from this fake and fraudulent cult scam.

Special thanks to our super commenter, Anonymous, a.k.a. Ma Mark Jackson of Los Angeles, with a Comcast IP address of 67.188.196.# (Comcast Cable), operating in or near Fremont, using a Mac OS X 10.5, FireFox browser, screen resolution of 1440 x 900, and a color depth of 24 bits and who has political connections by claiming that her "Uncle is a serious high court judge in Chennai". Thanks for inspiring us to go forward to continue the battle against 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda. You were a real savior.


  1. Who would ever pay $10,000 to be with this clown?

  2. Hi, Thank you. It is so funny. I just wish Nithy is behind bars where he belongs. The second video is just false advertising. It shows him as 293 still.

    1. Dear Nothing fale in any vedio or crimes, he is proved that he is a biggest sex seeker and a big lier too, he earn in the name of god, had sex with the name i=of god and caught redhaned in the hidden cam haveing sex that too with a sexies Tamil actress in his bed room, its lcear that he agreed that he was in the vedio, this is only sufficient to prove that he is a fake swami even if the sex scandel is fake, because in hindus swami and sanyasi should be away from females,and why this bloody swami needs females for taking care of him when so many clae devaties are there for him in his ashram, more over you can see him most of the time surrounded with young girls and his teachings consideres dancing and enjoying as a fuction, he say he is god shive just to bleive girls that he is supirior and fucks them aftger brain washing, when police looking for him this godman ran away and caught with a fake name S.k tiwari in a hotel room,

  3. The fraud nithi not retun back

  4. I wonder how many of the other 100 "most spiritually influencial people" continuously advertise their appearance on the list the way this Nithy does? Of the ones I know of, I have never heard a single one tout being on the list. This guy is so false he has to continually advertise himself to make sure no one knows how false he is.

  5. This guy should be in jail, the US government should investigate him, have him thrown of the this country. His followers are people who low self esteem, and is easily brain wash by this idiot. Who is their right mind would pay all this money to be with this looser and worship him, sleep with him, massage him......oh how sick.....

    1. I just womder why this fake bastered nithyananda swami left free after so much crimes and rapes he had done, the investigation,proof, and witness are showing his crime clearly, and am surprised why this thief has given a police security and protecting him, more over so many blind belivers after they know his crimes with proof why the hell the encourage and bow to this fake mans feet who says himslelf a god, but whatever when he was proved fake he should be panished heavly for this, resently an incident took place in mumbai that his desiple also raped a NRI female giving her some Alchohal, and he said to be arrested, the action should be taken with this swami nithyananda also becuse he is his guru

  6. Hello All
    First of All let me tell you something about this
    Nithaynanda And Actress ranjeeta which many people who are not aware of it.
    Actress ranjeeta is a Tamil actress, who usually act as a hot bomb in movies,
    as she is a highly paid prostitute and a actor, she has a innocent face and a
    Cunning sweet smile to attract males, she knew about swami Nithyananda from her
    School days that he is a sexual lover, And when she came to know that swami nithyanda is a wealthy man being a fake swami, she started to become his devotee and follower in order
    To earn money in a easy way here. As both knew each other and this Nithtyananda
    Needed a female as wife and to take care of him, he appointed her as his
    Personal care taker in front of his other devotees and followers and kept her
    As a keep in secret. but unfortunately every day was not Sunday. one fine day
    They were caught in hidden cam, and the truth came out of this God man, after
    This was watched with all his followers and devotees both say they are not in
    That video, some paid devotees and followers dint agree, and even now if they
    know truth they don’t admit it ,saying its fake, since this ranjeetha was
    Silent with same first, but after she lost roles in the movie and many asked
    Her about it, she raised a complain to pretend she is innocent. or else the
    People may suspect her that it,she can do anything for earning money and a big
    liar too, and this fake nityananda,s real name is Raja sheker ,he is a tamilian , put his ashram in Karnataka as he know there are blind believers and teen girls believe in swamis
    , if he is true why he change his original name, its already lot of proof found
    About his crime so far and also proved

    1. PART I

      Om Namah Shivaya,

      Thank you,Sunil Kumar, for your renewed enthusiasm to this blog and the crimes of Nithyananda.

      A few clarifications, if we might add.... 1) We have no proof that once married film star, Ranjitha Menon was ever the P-word. Although Bollywood and Hollywood, etc. are known for fast-circles and a willingness to do 'anything' for a role in a movie (willing exploitation), we have no proof of Ms. Menon's exploits. We feel that it is unfair to mention her in this light. We do agree, however, that it is her in the sleazy videos as Nithyananda Swami admitted himself and as several forensic labs have proven. We are very sad that Ms. Menon has lied repeatedly in India and the U.S. to try to imprison the heroes that have exposed her Sex Swami. In this light, Ms. Ranjitha Menon is a criminal and should be incarcerated for many years.

      2) Rajasekaran, a.k.a. Nithyananda Swami, probably did not have a 'wild' early adulthood with women as he latter indulged, after acquiring fame and a following. Remember, as Nithyananda Swami claimed to be wondering for ten years, and then reduced it to just six years, he really was in the Ramakrishna Mission in Chennai and then later in Belur. The Ramakrishna Mission is highly respectable and would try to guide young minds to the right path. Under the Ramakrishna Mission's watchful guidance, little Rajasekaran (Nithyananda) did not have much time or freedom to indulge in his womanizing. It was only after after he became a self-declared godman complete with his private quarters and layers of security guards (we once guarded his door as he did his exploits inside two temples in Los Angeles (we were unaware of that is what he was doing). So, the chances are very slim that Nithyananda was romping around with Ranjitha prior to his ascend as a holy criminal. (See our early posts of 2009 and early 2010 for details.)

      3) From what we uncovered, Ranjitha Memon was just the 'hot treat of the week' for Sex Swami Nithyananda. Sex Swami Nithyananda exploited females and some men of all ages. Part of this was to gain more control over them, but mostly because Sex Swami Nithyananda is a perverted psychopath without any discrimination or regret. His thuggish inner-circle of criminals, chiefly, Sri Nithya Sachitananda Swami (Mr. Siva Vallabhaneni) and Sri Nithya Bhaktananda (Mr. Gopal Reddy Sheelum), encouraged Sex Swami Nithyananda to further exploit and defraud followers on a mass scale. (The are all facing serious criminal charges in India and the U.S.) Ranjitha Menon was, to our understanding, never the 'caretaker' to Nithyananda. Caretakers had to schedule the stream of ladies, and do all kinds of personal favors (including sex) to cater to Sex Swami Nithyananda's infinite desires.

      to be continued....

    2. PART II

      (continued above)

      His first long-term caretaker was Ma Nithya Sachitananda, a.k.a. Ms. Ragini Vallabhaneni, who then trained Ma Nithyananda Gopika, a.k.a. Ms. Vidya Vishwanathan, to cater to Sex Swami's every whims. Ma Gopika who was seen in the 'shadows' of Sex Swami Nithyananda's videos; (look for that post around July 2010). To our knowledge, Ms. Ranjitha Menon, never did the demanding work as those two caretaker ladies did in order to satisfy the a psychopath; no easy job there. So, Ms. Ranjitha never was a true 'caretaker', she a warm, cuddly prop.

      Although not proven, we suspect that Ma Nithyananda Gopika, a.k.a. Ms. Vidya Vishwanathan, was also behind the uncovering of the scandal. Our firsthand experience with Nithyananda's ashram is that she was present when ever we did anything inside his personal quarters just to make sure nothing irregular happened. Several times we were summoned to fix Nithyananda's shower or other plumbing, install cabinets, assemble furniture, steam the carpets, etc. Ma Nithyananda Gopika, a.k.a. Ms. Vidya Vishwanathan, did nothing but watch us. She was ALWAYS there. We further suspect, but have no proof, that Ma Gopika allowed the hidden camera to be installed in Sex Swami's bedroom because she was mad at him. After being so exploited and waking up, how could she not feel resentment? Sex Swami Nithyananda also wrecked her marriage (as he did to so many of his followers). Her husband in name only, Sri Nithya Sevakananda, a.k.a. Mr. Rajesh Kalpathy Krishnan, was well known to host a herd of 'hedge fund honeys' in his private quarters in Nithyananda's L.A. ashram. He, like the rest of us, was 'enlightened' and probably did not want to go back to being a householder. Under those conditions, we would not be surprised if Ma Gopika played a knowing role to install the hidden camera that exposed Sex Swami Nithyananda and his trophy pillow, Ms. Ranjitha Menon.

      Jai Maa.

    3. Well thanks for your information and rest of the things from your side, well like to tell you some common sense issues like to clarify that is ,as you know most of the time we can see this fake nithyanand swami who is self made God usually surrounded with females, and on the other hand why he needs a female care taker that too in a pvt bedroom, when he had so many other males in his ashram, and in Hindus a sanyasi or a swami should be far away from females as they are a brahamachari,s secondly he says himself a god man and he is a person who cures and treats peoples for many diseases and how can a god man fall sick, any way let ignore that, when people consider him as a god man and he has miracles, why did he ran away when the police was in search of him leaving his followers in trouble with public? And when he was caught he was in a hotel room booked by a name S.k Tiwari by a false name, is this swami not a liar, well coming to his goddess power why did not he had power to prove himself he was innocent, when he was filed a case against him? And he used to visit abroad often why is so, do India has no enough needy people? If he really wish to do good there are so many hospital orphans, diseased and helpless people enough in India itself why he needs to travel all over the world? As per the report and investigation he stay in a ashram where he has a luxury facilities like Ac, Gym, and foreign medicines for him, he had lied in some interview that he is a sanaysi and in some other he say he never said that, this means he keep changing his words, and in a press conference he showed his angriness for issuing a someone to him, though if it t was a mistake a swami should not loose his temper, and in return he advised his followers to chase them out and most were female sanysis to fight against them, and later he ran away putting them in problem, almost most of his satsang we can see females dancing as if they are in a function of entertainment such as disco dandya, his ashram was so much wealthy that even a big shot could not effort it, he is guarded by heavy security,

    4. and why a swami needs a security, and even the devotees are checked highly before they enter into ashram what’s such strictness ?he is considered that he is god where even himself never saw a god in his life, and this blind belief people believe this fake man more then the true god which so far no humans have seen god ever, and how can a human be god? he brain washes young girls of all age just to use them for sexual needs saying he is god and make them pure, and when his father was dead this man had kept his feet on his fore head and dancing and clapping his hands along with a musical devotion song with devotees saying he give mukthi to his father in heaven, you can watch this in you tube, to tell the truth there’s no need for any one to feel god or get his healings believing a human, it can be found by the pure hearted pray or even can visit a temple and offer their prayer, as far as such blind belief people are there such fake swami’s exist, its not the fault of these swamis I can say, it’s the blind followers of him make him the swami or god man, or else who are they,? these swami know there are lot blind belief peoples and followers and they can try fooling and cheating in the name of god, earn easily live posh, and get connected with ministers too who support for their benefits , these days such peoples and followers are in large numbers not only illiterate but even qualified persons are also included in it in this modern and changing technological days ,I feel that the only to stop fake swami, baba and sant these should be hanged sp the other fakes who think to do this will learn a lesson before they attempt it,
      There are a lot of Proof which is available for this fake Nithayananda Swami, and even with the sex scandal CD, but still his followers say its morphed and its fake, and I feel now if any one sees in real they might say their eyes are fake, as lawyers are available if they are paid well and no doubt this nithaynanda swami is wealthy with poor peoples money

      And a Approval of sex Scandal CD reported Genuine and true to know more click here or Copy paste this link:

    5. OM Namah Shivaya,

      Hi sunil kumar, Just a point of clarification. S.K. Tiwari was a disciple of Sex Swami Nithyananda. Since he spoke Hindi (where most of Nithyananda's followers speak only Tamil), he was asked/forced to accompany Nithyananda to North India where Sex Swami Nithyananda and Sri Nithya Bhaktananda (Gopal Reddy Sheelum) and entourage hid from the police in March/April 2010. After the police found them, only Sex Swam Nithyananda and Mr. Gopal Reddy Sheelum were fully charged. Mr. S.K. Tiwari was released. It seemed that Mr. S..K. Tiwari learned his lesson and left the cult. Mr. Tiwari is a good man, just fooled like the rest of us.

      Jai Maa.

    6. Ya I do agree that, but one question still botheres me, why there are so many blind belief peoples still there when so many things changed into the modern world, i do eve see some qualified also are in blind belief and his followers still protest and suport this fake swami,s, and another thing is to ask you can any human being can be a god or heal any person? or dies this fake swami had seen god himself? why these people beileve this self made godman more then the true god, and is that they need this fake man to offer thier prayers to god?meakes me surpriseing such people are even ready to sacrify any thing for this kind of swamis,dont they even understand after they have seen so many proof of his crimes,and also dont have any comon sence to judge him when he was seen with females and enjoying dance and seen with females lot of the time.? and they even know his a wealthy man why does a swami need such a huge wealth and securtity god if he needs to serve peoples, and often he goes abroad, is this mean we dont have people enough here for it?everything said to be fake even after so many crimes are been foud of him, at atast when its caught in cam they argue its a morphed, and then in what way they suppose to belive in,there is no wonder if any one sees it in thier own eyes then they may argue saying thier eyes are fake, there are lawyers available for wealty person to prove all its fake when highly paid as nithyananda swami has a great weatlh cheeting people,This Nithayandna name mean Every day enjoying fun in Kannada language itself enough to from his own name, is he not a lier when he had changed his original name? why he needs female to take care of him that too in his bed room in closed room? in hindus sanyasi and swami should be far away. but this swami is always seen with females,these should be clearly understood to the people, he is a cheeter, but why these peoples still fall prey to him and worhisp even his feet of this fake swami?i feel so much wild people encourge this faske man and he is still left free and support him after so much crimes he made, this is becuase of the blind beleif people such stupid and fake swami, baba and sant exits these days

    7. ya i do agree with you, but just surprised why still people belive and trust this fake swami Nithayananda after they know and find he is fake, so many proofs and crimes are came into notice, there are layers to prove all is fake as you know well layers are paid for that and nithyananda is ofcours wealty who has in crores by cheeting people, just a simple question is this not clear to such peoples when he uses females for his care taking that too in close room in his bedroom,and he says he cures people with miracle and why he himself is sick, and he said to ne a god man and does miracles, why did he ran away when police search him cant he prove with his miralce?if he was god man why why his sex scandle visible in cam?r the people sutpid or fooling us, but there are qulifed person also among the blind bieliers why they dont undersand it,it was too bad they left him free, he should been chased out of country and punished siverly for this, and his name itsself shows that Nithyananda means Everyday Enjoyment fun in knaanda language why this swami wants to change his original name, his satsand gives lot of enjoy to his follwers to dance and enjoy as a disco dance or in a fuction,

  7. (He Nithyananda him Self Had Agreed He has sex more then 15 Womens ) to know the truth
    Click Below

    The SEX CD Of Swami Nithayanada Is Real: Already proved CLICK this link to watch:

    New Video of Body Massage of GREAT Swami Nithyananda with Actress Ranjitha, You can see Clearly Tamil actress Ranjitha here)Great SEX
    To Watch Click here:

  9. First of all why do The Swami Nithyananda wants female for taking care of himself when in hindus the swami and sanysi should be far way from females.secondly most of the time he is seen with females, his ashram is enjoyed with ,men and females by danceing, and when he his sexscandle caught , he ran away leaving his follwers into trouble, and in a press meeting when the media asked him qeuations his face and words were in anger, and he shouted at him and ordered his followers to chase the media out, that too most of them were females, showing anger and uttering bad words are these called sanyasis, first of all this should be questioned to the fake swami nithyananda who seens to be a god man why didn he had patience in answering the question, and when he was caught he was in a hotel room with a fake name S.k tiwari, is he not a lier?and swami nithyananda is from Tamilnadu whay he wants to put his ashram in karnataka, his original name is rajsheker why this swami change his name?let assume he never had sex, but why he ran away if he was not a thief,if he was a god man why dint he had powers to prove inocent?how can a human be a god?in some invterview he said that he is a sanyasi and in some he sead he never said it,and its said that he use to say he is god to young females and tell that they get moksha if they have sex with him, in the investigation his bed room and secret room had TV,AC,GYM, and luxury facilty why a swami needs all this?and he use to say he is lord shiva if so why he was sick and need treatment from girl,follower belive he does miracles where was his miracle that time? he also agreed that he was in the vedio and how can it be morphed and which part was morphed he has no answer for that, now recently Actress ranjitha clearly said that she is a devatie of swami nithyanda and could not apart from him and beacame a sanyasini in his ashram only and this nithyananda swami gave his SIR name as ANANADA to her is it not clear that they already had affairs and how can the sex scandel be fake? being a sexy actress how she can go with a sanyasini in future,there are so much still which may not be ended if we can point out,but its clear that this fake man is cheeting people and fooling the blind belivers and people in the name of god, its better to kick him out and make this blind belief and inocent people open the eyes and know the truth

  10. SWami Nithyananda and Actress Ranjitha filed complain that the sexscande vedio was fake and was morphed, now is it not clear and no dounts any more, as she had admitted that she is swami nithyananda devotie and remain his devotie for ever when she taken dheeksha from the same sex swami,and became a sanysi as his birthday gift,that too by the same sex swami on the same asharam,and this fake swami had given his SIR name as ANANDA Mai, is not clear enough thay had affairs from begining nithyananda now thay can be called as (Nithyanada Andanda mai) Nithyananda = Everyday Enjoyment and ANANDA Mai= Enjoyment fun Women, both from Tamilnadu and now in Karnataka for thier ashram for thier future

  11. now adays fake swami ,sant,and babas are coming up, this is nothing but just a easy way to fool people and cheet them in order to gain a huge earnings and sexual enjoyment, this is because too many blind belief peoples exits all over the place,as far as such people are there these swmai,s and sant keep comeing, i could notice there are also qualified peole being a pray for them really surprised this is only due to the benifit of earnings or else not possoble, same time the political leaders encourage for thier politcal support, untill the people who are wise enough who know the truth should get together and come forward to take a legal action and stop this fruad and fake swami,s till then there is no end for this, i i wish this should case be taken in a strong way and kick out these fake swami,s and sant and never let then take adavtage of inocent people cheeting and brainwashing them


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